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Quarterly Digger - Til April Fools

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Gold was suppressed till 1971 and reach top in 1980. So gold bull market only lasted 9 years in total


Since gold was suppressed and held at artificially low priced so we can’t compare it with this bull campaign. Lucky if gold hit $5000.


This Gold bull campaign should last no more then 14-16 years it total. People holding Gold stocks may not benefit from any gold upside due to poor management’s



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It was good to see Bearvest and Jp6 posting this past slow time in the gold stocks. As Mike Swanson would say, "Don’t Forget About the Power of Gold."


I'll start a new quarterly thread lasting till the fireworks. Sorry I haven't participated much in the last four months, I've been overworking myself and every time I sit down to pause something else draws my attention. At some point here, the gold market will eventually see it's day in the face of rising inflation and money printing.

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