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12K battle rages on

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Europe’s Refusal to Recognize Reality Brings On The Endgame

December 12, 2011By Lee AdlerRuss Winter of Winter (Economic and Market) Watch, Aaron Krowne of ML-Implode.com, and the Wall Street Examiner’s Lee Adler discuss their take on Europe, concluding that the only road out is the one not taken. As a result a bleak future awaits. This is a free podcast, available to all. Click here to listen or use the first media player below.


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Interesting action on the momo monsters today..AAPL, PCLN, GOOG & CMG.


Did you see i actually went long today, Madness? Bought some PCLN about 15 minutes before the LOD, but the signals were there for a ST bottom.


I hope I don't jinx your long plays. wink.gif

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well, well, so bully is in trouble yet again


even Big Blew pinched off a loaf turday


speakin o' which, do I see that washed up ol' geezer hisself wanderin' around behind the woodshed? :blink:


Hey, Warren! WARREN! Drag yer sorry arse over here, I gotta suprise fer ya! :D


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