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Monthly Digger - November 2011

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kind like the potential bottoming action in silver right now, looks healthy to my untrained and inexperienced eyes.


bought some just now under 31.50 (stop a buck lower), but cautious that it may still get slammed down to mid to low 20s, or even 17ish. doubt it, but possible.


silver swaps were 'defined' last week, 60 days from nov 18th to comply.




sprott filed a 6-k last friday for 1.5Billion worth for pslv...about 50 million ounces or so.



last year he bought 500Million worth which hepled launch silver form 17-49. wonder what 3 times that amt might do? guess i'm tryint to front run, likely NOT Smart, but then WTFDIK.

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It's getting a little bit lonely around here. I suspect we're done fishing bottoms again.


December is here. New thread started.

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