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The Clowngress Countdown Movie: Debt Ceiling 24

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As everyone knows by now, Clowngress is meeting behind closed doors this weekend to hammer out a deal that would allow us to raise our countries debt ceiling a few trillion dollars so the corporate plutocrats can continue to keep their global stock market bubble inflated. For the next several days of meetings as our representatives will assemble to acting out their version of the Jersey Shore. This financial drama is needed since HLN lost valuable air time since no one cares about Casey Anthony anymore. The already signed agreement to raise the debt ceiling will be delivered just in the nick of time and knee cap some hapless forex traders sending some secondary markets spiraling out of control while corporate America laughs all the way to the bank. Anyway, here is what I found out about what our one party representative base will be doing with their time before miraculously claiming bi partisan victory. Soon after passage, an anticipated rapid increase in yacht sales will create millions of jobs for laborers in China. Here is what debt ceiling countdown day will look like. 7:00 AM Everyone plays Twister. After making the rounds on TV shows, representatives and senators assemble [...]


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