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Ags Nightmare

You Want To Create Jobs Clowngress? We Must Become Unproductive

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Yep. You heard it hear first! Encourage already brain dead Americans to become mouth breathing chili eating with their fingers apes. If you have to be at work at 8, show up at 11 AM! If you have a deadline,miss it and take a piss on your bosses desk before you leave the office marking out your initials in pee with a Chinese symbol next to it for symbolism. If “all” Americans commit to having intimate relationships with their smart phones, our corporate plutocracy will be forced to re consider their Chinese sweat shop stance of manufacturing their products that we consume like vultures offshore. If we do not take a stand here and act like per historic apes we suck. That siad, what is left of our dwindling lazy work force will make the plutocrats think twice hiring Wang Chung because Crapple can’t assemble their gadgets fast enough due to their Americans who are at home trimming their toe nails. The plus side of it all is we can have Americans jumping out of 10 story buildings being overworked and bug eyed and reduce unemployment since we have nets here. How cool would that be? So there it is. [...]


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