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Ags Nightmare

We Are In the WTF? Bubble

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OK, humor me for a minute. WTF is going on? We had disastrous economic news on the home front today and did a John Holmes into the close again. Personally I do not care as I think our stock market is not real. I truly believe with all my heart there is no stock market. Only manipulation by the plutocrats. Go back and look at all the “perceived crisis long” holiday weekends. Memorial Day, Labor Day, July Fourth, Easter Weekend, etc. We could go into the weekend on the verge of financial collapse and make a turd smell like a lilac by Tuesday. Most if not all Tuesdays opened with a manufactured boner based on some bullshit that has nothing to do with my life or yours. Some swan crapped in the Nile? Up we go. But the pigmen get richer on scam weekends. Just like today when our economy lost a tire off a four wheeler and no one gives a shit. The wheel flew off into the ditch going ninety miles an hour and leveled a Super Wall mart and no one flinched. Then it dawned on me today in a sudden burst clarity. A light shone through [...]


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