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Ags Nightmare

If Yahooligans Get It Cramericans Suck a Lot

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Check out this headline and a few of the comments. Still think we ain’t playing a game of EA Stocks? Oh, and fark you Jimmy Jones Cramit. You do suck a lot. A one decision pump monkey with no hair who sells books to people living in a van down by the river. A mania genius but a crying game sissy when crap reverses on him. In essence, an insider wall street cockroach. But wait. We are saved! Follow the glowing light to the steaming heap in your back yard. Making a Meaningful Reversal? Guess what organization would write a headline like this? I’ll give you hint. The top female sled dogs name at the channel/chop house sounds like Bartotonyromo. Give up? CNBS. Crapvision. The Devil Channel. It’s not so much that they (CNBS) wrote the article but more so about why the hell do they have to scramble your brains with a question like why the hell should I buy foulking stocks? Is the rally real? Oh, thanks a lot CNBS! Are you real? Are you fake? Who is number two? Who is number two? Now how in the hell does the wild wild CNBS west help me decide [...]


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