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Ags Nightmare

We Live In A Flea Market Economy

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This post is for you Larry Krudlow. I am handing out my braying jackass award early this year for the most obnoxious kool aide drinker on Wall Street. You win Larry. I wanted to stick forks into my eyeballs tonight. There are two things I have learned to never trust in my life. One is any financial pundit that does not have an upper lip and jiggles when he talks and the other thing is to never trust anything that does not have shoulders such as snakes, rats, and worms. You see any upper lip? Nope, and you are a pundit therefore I can not trust you. Where the hell is the upper lip? I am not even sure you have shoulders either as one of them is dipping out of the frame. Where did it go? Prove it I concluded today after hearing Larry lines gush about our rigged casino, that what you really mean to say when you spew the words, free market capitalism, is we now live flea market capitalist society. The rigging of asset prices has been so frequent the past two years, we have morphed into a flea market economy. The same thing has happened [...]


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