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Ags Nightmare

Government Shutdown Threat is Fake….

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I’m on to you guys. I can see it now. Phone call: “Ring ring!.” Line 1: “Hello” Line 2: “It is set up perfectly. It is me, Ben. Line 1: “Yes. Fake government shut down, market weakens a bit then sky the pig on Monday. We are positioned perfectly.” Line 2: ” This is Lloyd right?” Line 1: “No, it’s Jamie.” Line 2: “Oh. Make sure to call Lloyd and get him the info. He can jam the spoos still.” Line 1: “These idiots fell for the kabuki Theater again. Unreal.” Line 2: “Yes. They always do. Did you hear that beep? Is this being recorded? Moth…….beepppppppppppppp” Phone goes dead….. While Clowngress throws tantrums over 38 billion in spending cuts threatening to shut the government down over pap smears and the mating habits of meer cats, I have not heard one empty headed moron mention the possibility of reigning in the Slim Pickens of recklessness, the Fed, and their role in this mess. It’s all about the “chilllren” as Jacques Cousteau said about the little baby seals being eaten by killer whales like Hot Pockets. The empty suits in Clowngress are lower than used car salesman. Matter of fact they [...]


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