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Ags Nightmare

OK…Enough of CNBS’s Death Pundits

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You know what I mean. Death pundits are the ass wipes that come on CNBS Squeak Box, Lost Money, The Stratergery Session, and the Closhing Bell with Maria to look for investment opportunities based on the death of thousands of innocent people in Japan. Not only have we had a horrific natural disaster of epic proportions with massive loss of life, but a Japanese nuclear plant popping it’s caps like it’s the fourth of July after a mind blowing earthquake and tsunami. Two reactors housings gone and another one I heard is ready to blow. I’m sorry. Those plumes of smoke are not comforting. When pieces of cement get blown a thousand feet into the air at a nuclear plant that ain’t good. I am an idiot but if our military books due to radiation, wtf does that tell you. But, you know what we do here? Celebrate! We buy Crapple ! We buy Nutflix! We buy Cat cause they dig holes a lot ! POMO Ho ! Next the home stock market shopping channel, Crapvision wheels out the death panels looking for investment opportunities when the fourth largest economy in the world is on the verge of being evacuated [...]


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