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Ags Nightmare

This Geopolitical Crap is Fake

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I know I may get a lot of heat for this but I think our markets have been fake for over a decade. Two whacko’s down in a couple of weeks? Both who we supported for decades? I think the powers that be know exactly what they are doing today and that is to crush the dollar so corporations will eventually be “forced” to bring jobs back here to the USA. Why? Because QE sucks. Frigging Ka Dah Fee is a cartoon character. His speeches sounded like a bull fighter on acid. Case in point. ” I see rainbows that have a sword that enter colons and rip the guts out of angels who fly up into the sky and poop on the population if they get a traffic ticket in New York but want to praise the glory of Allah and burn the infidels so they can become virgins and live in peace with Alex Rodriguez.” The Egypt dude was no different. 40 years and he is booted? Silence from the USA. Mo Hair Booted. Silence from the USA. Something stinks here folks. This market ain’t going down. This is rigged and some greater purpose is happening. Only the [...]


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