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WTF are Fed Tools?

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Every time Ben Bernank sits in front of Clowngress and mocks the tasseled loafer pussies we elected, he always says we will use “any tools we have to obtain price stability.” First off, blow me with your price stability mandate crap. Want to see a picture of the what the Federal Reserve does in between meetings? Here you go. Second, wtf is a Fed tool? Other than pushing a green or red button to stop or start the printing presses, what possible tool can this group of psychos have left in their arsenal of moral hazard? The Alan Greenspan burlap bag of recklessness is empty. Liver lips used the tricks all up and is doing road shows speaking and spewing hot air on Press the Meet. It’s over. So as I sit here and think about what Ron Paul may ask the Mad Man at the Fed from the janitor closet he will be locked in next week. He is supposed to ask the Benrank questions on his participation in the global Benocide taking place around the world. I know stuff and Benocide has other plans for Paul Ron. When I was visiting the House of Representatives the other day, [...]


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