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Ags Nightmare

Price Discovery in The Bernank Bubble

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Remember, the market is cheap. The market is a discounting mechanism and just starting to sniff out the right price. For instance, this one below is just basing. It hasn’t had it’s run yet. Here Kitty. Wtf? They sure as hell and doing crap in the USA. Maybe they are just driving tractors around and digging holes in empty places then filling them up back up again. When they are done they bill Helicopter Ben and dig more holes and put the dirt back in. There was some extra TARP money lying around. Oh I know, it’s China. Or maybe they are anticipating the housing recovery. Or how about that stodgy old counter part. John Shorts are a Deere in the headlight. Notice the nice gradual bounce back in this one as it is discounting future short squeezes. This one has become one of my favorites because of the name. The first two stodgy laser beams are too boring. I gotta hop on the Wile E. Coyote train and the Acme, meep meep, Rocket. This thing may never discover it’s real price and will discount future earnings a lot more. Notice the gradual slop in the chart that isn’t letting [...]


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