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Ags Nightmare

The Worlds Largest Hedge Fund Manager

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Ben Bernank. International Spoo jammer of mystery. Federal Reserve Chairman? Are you farking kidding me? This guy is a stock flipping psycho. Move over Baldy Tepper and stick a log up your rear end for your Goodyear Tire pump tonight on Crapvision. How’s your Ford trade going you jackass. You suck. Move over baldy. You are over. There is a new Norwood six in town, Ben Bernank just passed you by today with his announcement that he is the worlds first Global Hedge Fund Manager. That basically means he can knee cap nations and starve people for the sake of a rising NASCAR 100. In order to hide his identity, Ben has put on a mask since he is now officially in the business of rigging the stock market. His Press the Meat appearance solidified his role as the globes only insider trader with power left inside the G Strap 20. Check this crap out. I can’t tell who he is can you? Is that Cramer? Tepper? Blankmind? All of them are bald so who the hell can tell? I am stumped. Who is that masked rigger? The goods: Ben has the printing presses. He has the control. He has [...]


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