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Ags Nightmare


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The CEO cashed out today. Zero shares. Stock today was up 7 while everything got ripped. Frigging stock missed numbers and is booking freebies like AOL pre crash. It is not called a TURD for nothing. This one smells like Heidie’s poo wafting in the morning snow with a piece of corn in the captains log. Still a close second place to AZO’s racketeering though. That dude CEO would make Goldman Sucks proud. Empty lots in front of their stores and a perpetual squeeze. My most recent venture to buy a wiper replacement at Auto Zone I was called a motherf**king honking by a mexican 10 year old when standing in line. As the 10 year old walked away with his bigger brother he called me a pussy cracker. Now that is what I call customer service and making your shopping environment pleasant. I will never step foot in one of those foulking stores again.


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