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Ags Nightmare

Take My Stock Dictionary: Lost Money or Fast Money

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Many who know me and have read my crap over the years know where I am coming from but it is stoopid to assume a new reader, if I ever get one, will click on the link for the blog and not get a headache and just end up puking. Sorry. I do suck a lot given my cynicism over the past several months while our new bubble inflates. This is a special edition of my very own Take My Stock Dictionary explaining some of the moronic terms I used on Crapvision, the Devil Chanel, or CNBS, on their famous one decision circle jerk show, Fast Money. Tail pipe chasing mo mo junkies give you picks every day that can’t lose. Given the mania environment we are in, they are literl geniuses until the bubble playbook changes. Then they suck ass and end up cowering in some corner asking for their nookie. In essence, they suck. The destruction of the market began in the late 90′s and these pin heads have made stock trading an extreme sport. So here goes. How to understand the language of Fast Money. Lost Money/Fast Money Language: Sayings like “if you look at the, of [...]


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