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All week pitch man Bob Pissani has been hawking the new smart phone application for CNBS stock junkies. No mention of what it would cost so I figured this was pretty cool since it sounded like it was free. Wrong. Anyway, after having this infomercial jammed in my face numerous times I had a nightmare last night. This is how it went. Hi folks. This is Bob on the floor of the NYSE and I want to show you something really cool. It’s the new real time Crap Ap for CNBS. Why am I so excited? It’s gives you real time quotes on your phone. You say that’s no big deal? Well let me tell you something. You get real time quotes on every exchange for any security imaginable! Triple inverse ETF’s on pigs knuckle futures in Vietnam. Curry futures in Bombay. You can follow the Gulag sector in Russia or get quotes on the new Thong ETF in Brazil. You can follow DangDang real time in China if you have insomnia. I know most normal people will be asleep but the Crap Ap has alerts telling you after the fact that something happened. Look at Best Buy. You can [...]


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