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Ags Nightmare

Joe Eddie Terror Nova Calls this “Nice Timing”

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This is why I loath Lost Money/Fast Money. A few days ago Joe “Eddie” Terror Nova was on CNBS Mid Day Lost Money pumping Netflix over $200 dollars a share saying that $200 dollars was now the floor. Looks like this guy just fell through it and reached the next support level. Today we learned the CFO of Netflix is heading out the door stage left with $40 million bucks of stock proceeds he just recently dumped into his bank account. Needless to say the stock took a hit after hours based on the fact the dude really gave no excuse as to why he is leaving. Not even the usual “I want to spend more time with my family” bullshit.  The stock hit $199 today and mysteriously imploded through out the day. Gee. You think someone knew something? Nah. The markets are transparent and a discounting mechanism right? Today on Late Lost Money you know what Eddie said about the CFO leaving? “Nice Timing.” Herb Greenberg kind of ripped the schmuck to shreds but good ole Eddie defended him. No mention that this smells worse than a garbage dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant.  Just, “Nice Timing.” This is not [...]


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