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Ags Nightmare

What Is Any Stock Worth Anymore?

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Seriously. Dollar tanks risky stink bombs go parabolic. The POMO Fed schedule is announced and Trashuries suddenly rally after getting smoked for two days. Buy programs come in at 1 PM, 2 PM, 3PM, and 3:40 every day since August. Bubble stocks get price target holla’s tossed out like frisbee’s at a Kane County Cougars game then hedge funds and primary dealers rape shorts for a few days. Weekly options have likely screwed things up even more. No one talks about it but momentum stocks are not allowed to fall even if macro news says otherwise. The mafia families rig prices pinning crap that’s worth one third of what it is at some astronomical number because they can. Or what I would call it, a dog ball rally. If you ever see something launching for no reason. That’s a dog ball rally. Our low octane casino has added space shuttle booster engines to it in one direction. Is this it? Forever? Will the Fed ever stop or be stopped or will it just blow up on its own as the unintended consequences just happen? Shorts are effectively gone. You would be crazy to take a contrarian position long term with [...]


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