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Ags Nightmare

How To Become An Author

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Step one is to get hired by CNBS. Then you help promote and pump bubbles which gives you a topic for book one. You can write about all kinds of crazy shit and toss out exciting new economic theories explaining why a stock went up 100 points in a day. Kind of like the New Era in 1999, or as I called it the New Error. We lived through the Ownership Society Robo Signing Bubble and are living in our very own 2010 New Normal Bubble. CNBS is going to crap books in the next year. If Michelle Copa Cabana can write a book anyone can. Step two is how you can continue to write books after you just wrote one on TONY DOW 75,000 and the market crashed. Just ignore the first book. Next you pray like hell the market gets blown to smithereens. When you get air time you scare people a lot and ask every guest, “What does an investor do in this environment? Where can an investor (ha ha ha ha) put his money?” You are golden if we crash. You then can write a book after the fact on why shit imploded. Be sure you [...]


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