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Shock & Dollar

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Anybody watching ISRG? Down 10% after hours because they have higher profit per share than anal's expected, but on a little less revenue. In other words, higher margins. Logical as always -- NOT.


Should be fun to see what they do with it tomorrow. I bet it goes up significantly from here. Wouldn't it be funny if it opened tomorrow where it closed today, so people who weren't watching would have no idea it ever tanked? :lol:

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ON another note, mr permabear David Tice just bought 6 million shares of PNTV, which is the "gamblers network" cable broadcaster. It's an el cheapo, like buying an option, for them bottom picker kinda gamblers. I was just so startled to see Tice's name on the form

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Just looking at some Crapple puts...stock down nearly 10 and November "puts" got shanked. The closest ones to make money were the Nov. 320's....50 cents...the rape in weekly and monthly options was epic today....Dr J. and Petey had to have gotten pole axed playing this garbage. Stunning crap going on. I am brewing up a wicked rant on these SOB's.



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Hey Doc,


What, if anything, do you make out of the Reverse Repo yesterday while performing a Coupon Purchase at the same time?


Thanks in advance...


Too many drugs at the Open Market Desk?


Hell they got some guy whose name I can't find right now, who they advertised as smarter than the smartest guys in any room, to run this thing so don't you worry about it.

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