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Holiday trading. So many holidays. Thanksgiving in Canada. Everybody just now sitting down to the traditional dinner of poutine with stuffing and turkey gravy.


Columbus Day. Columbus discovered America and needed to go to the bank to cash a check, but the banks were closed.


Also the second day of the Binary Day holiday. Will be celebrated again in November for 2 days, and 4 days next year, then not again for 99 years. Sad that many people will never get to experience it. But you can tell your grandchildren that you were there.


Dow close 11010.11




Coincidence? I think not.

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I figured I'd just chill on this Canadian Thanksgiving day and watch a movie . . . :blink:





For a taste of Canada go to the link for the NFB, the National Film Board of Canada, where hundreds of films from their vast library can be viewed. Especially watch for the dramas about dysfunctional families where the son plays hockey and documentaries about beavers.



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Okay Stoolies,


Here is a question that should spark some discussion, but it's probably better for a weekend discussion as it opens up many questions (I think).


What is making good money? With towns, cities and states continuing to face the financial crunch, what should a teacher, fire fighter or police officer make?


Beyond that, I know people who think that making $50K a year is good money; others think anything under $100K is not good.


Yes, alot depends on location, location, location - but no one is talking about what good money is.



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Unfortunately no one gives a sheet and Clowngress is complicit in the crime.


This will go away like the Giant Squids bail out. I hate all farking politicians. They all suck.


If the politicians do not get involved then it stays in the courts. Well it will be there anyway and I don't know how politics can fix some of this. The problem with the notes for instance is a contract issue, having nothing to do with civil or criminal law.


I had this thought myself today. From #4 "And many of these mortgage-backed securities are cheap. So in an interesting scenario you could see hedge funds buying MBS for pennies just for the option to sue firms that are likely backstopped by the government." Or someone could just buy some to kick the big guys. As far as a government backstop to pay off breached contracts, I don't think so.

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