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Faith Can Move Mountains


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Faith Can Move Mountains


(Author Unknown)


A small congregation in the foothills of the Great Smokies built a new sanctuary on a piece of land willed to them by a church member. Ten days before the new church was to open, the local building inspector informed the pastor that the parking lot was inadequate for the size of the building. Until the church doubled the size of the parking lot, they would not be able to use the new sanctuary.


Unfortunately, the church with its undersized lot had used every inch of their land except for the mountain against which it had been built. In order to build more parking spaces, they would have to move the mountain out of the back yard. Undaunted, the pastor announced the next Sunday morning that he would meet that evening with all members who had "mountain moving faith." They would hold a prayer session asking God to remove the mountain from the back yard and to somehow provide enough money to have it paved and painted before the scheduled opening dedication service the following week. At the appointed time, 24 of the congregation's 300 members assembled for prayer. They prayed for nearly three hours. At ten o'clock the pastor said the final "Amen." "We'll open next Sunday as scheduled," he assured everyone. "God has never let us down before, and I believe He will be faithful this time too."


The next morning as he was working in his study there came a loud knock at his door. When he called "come in," a rough looking construction foreman appeared, removing his hard hat as he entered. "Excuse me, Reverend. I'm from Acme Construction Company over in the next county. We're building a huge new shopping mall over there and we need some fill dirt. Would you be willing to sell us a chunk of that mountain behind the church? We'll pay you for the dirt we remove and pave all the exposed area free of charge, if we can have it right away. We can't do anything else until we get the dirt in and allow it to settle properly."


The little church was dedicated the next Sunday as originally planned and there were far more members with "mountain moving faith" on opening Sunday than there had been the previous week!


Would you have shown up for that prayer meeting? Some people say faith comes from miracles. But others know: MIRACLES COME FROM FAITH!


From Inspiration & Motivation


As I'm fond of saying, The Age Of Miracles hath not yet passed.


Which reminds me to remind you that the Advanced Theology lab section still meets at 1:20 PM weekdays and is currently scheduled to run for another two to three weeks.


Thanks to all of you who are participating in this special project. We're getting nice results and we're still runnin' an A in the course :). So let's keep up the good work!

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Hmm. I don't have crapvision on. Wonder what this little ramp is all about.


Ladies and germs. This morning I'd like to talk to you about a vastly underused resource in your Anals. Each morning, around 7:30-8 AM ET, Doc posts the Stoolwethers charts in the Suctors and Stoolwethers page of your Anals. Then between 8:30 and 9 Am, he posts Suctor Watch, 15 charts of the markets most important sectors. The page includes the cycle charts of 15 of the biggest cap market leaders that stoolies love to hate. The posting includes the chart, but also the cmap for the 10-13 week cycle, and whther it has been reached or not. If the stock is at the cmap, the price is in red bold to make it easier for you to spot at a glance. A couple of days ago AhOL had a red bold cmap of 16.50 Here's what the posting looks like today. By the way, the word "Done" indicates that the cmap has been reached, but that a retest can't be ruled out.


16.50 Done



Over the next few minutes I will post other examples of Stoolwethers and Suctors, a daily feature of the Anals of Stock Proctology.

Are you ready for the next wave?

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Glad: The Church we used to go to had a similar experiance happen when they built the building 5 years ago. In this case the Church needed fill dirt. About $60,000 worth. Just so happens a construction company was widening roads in the area and needed somewhere to dump the dirt. They hauled all the fill dirt the Church needed in free of charge. They still talk about that miracle.


My wife is studying to be a pastor and we have personally seen so many things happen in our lives that I have no problem believing in miracles.


Now if the S&P would just close at or below 800 before Dec expiration..... <_<

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