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Dump more trashuries,Buy anything at market

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Funny how the release this news on the day prior to option expiration.




Get this sucker back to MAX pain???

Big news ALWAYS the day before.

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No need to read it. I read the first couple of paragraphs. It's boilerplate. The stuff that has been fed to us for 40 years over the airwaves and from congress and the Texas State House. Of course it makes sense. It is the dominant narrative of the age. One which has become the dominant motivating idea in the lives of millions of people with more every day. The occasional one going over the edge into obsession with seething resentments. Imagining themselves to be the champions of freedom when in fact they are slaves to narrow blinkered sort of reality that has nothing to do with freedom. Educated to define their lives and reality in these narrow ways by those seeking power for themselves.


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for some time, i've had an appreciation for tim knight's technical analysis and ursine slant, but his holding a hundred or so positions at a time never made sense to me, even if each one popped out of the trading womb with a hard stop loss.


from malcolm gladwell's The Tipping Point:

There is a concept in cognitive psychology called the

channel capacity, which refers to the amount of space in

our brain for certain kinds of information. Suppose, for

example, that I played you a number of different musical

tones, at random, and asked you to identify each one with

a number. If I played you a really low tone, you would call

it one, and if I played you a medium tone you would call it

two, and a high tone you would call three. The purpose of

the test is to find out how long you can continue to dis-

tinguish among different tones. People with perfect pitch,

of course, can play this game forever. You can play them

dozens of tones, and they'll be able to distinguish between

all of them. But for the majority of us, this game is much

harder. Most people can divide tones into only about six

different categories before they begin to make mistakes

and start lumping different tones in the same category.

This is a remarkably consistent finding. If, for example, I

played you five very high pitched tones, you'd be able to

tell them apart. And if I played you five very low pitched

tones, you'd be able to tell them apart. You'd think, then,

that if I combined those high and low tones and played

them for you all at once, you'd be able to divide them into

ten categories. But you won't be able to. Chances are

you'll still be stuck at about six categories.


This natural limit shows up again and again in simple

tests. If I make you drink twenty glasses of iced tea, each

with a different amount of sugar in it, and ask you 10 sort

them into categories according to sweetness, you'll only

be able to divide them into six or seven different categories

before you begin to make mistakes. Or if I flash dots on a

screen in front of you very quickly and ask you to count

how many you see, you'd get the number right up to

about seven dots, and then you'd need to guess. "There

seems to be some limitation built into us either by learning

or by the design of our nervous systems, a limit that keeps

our channel capacities in this general range," the psychol-

ogist George Miller concluded in his famous essay "The

Magical Number Seven." This is the reason that telephone

numbers have seven digits. "Bell wanted a number to be as

long as possible so they could have as large a capacity as

possible, but not so long that people couldn't remember

it," says Jonathan Cohen, a memory researcher at Prince-

ton University. At eight or nine digits, the local telephone

number would exceed the human channel capacity: there

would be many more wrong numbers.


As human beings, in other words, we can only handle

so much information at once.


it seems that the bear extraordinaire has come to similar conclusions:


Anyway, I've been doing a lot of soul-searching lately about my trading tactics, since the evaporation of my early-February profits has been distressing. I consider myself a nimble trader, but to have to flip from bullish to bearish and back again every few days just isn't my style. I'm a swing trader at heart, and this market is very hostile to swing traders right now. At a minimum, I think I'm going to hold a far small number of much larger positions, so I can "change horses" much more feasibly than before. This is a topic I've been pondering basically non-stop the past week, including when I'm skiing down a mountain. I am completely absorbed by this topic, and I hope I can see my way to a logical resolution.

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fed bumps up the bank rate right as we find ourselves in the heavy reamsistance zone. what timing.


if the laughterhours carnage persists, being bearish should feel awfully good. dow 66,666!

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top 1% continues on their ruthless plan to exterminate the middle claSS


"gee, Joe, you don't look so bad....sure, you lost your house, and your job, and had your 401k cut in half, butt how's about ya bend over and take a lil' serprize 1/4-pernt rate jack right up yer ol' keyster? BWA HA HA HARDY HEE HO!"

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Wow! Back in to see that cliff dive across the board. Luckily I added an S+P put before I went out. Was stopped out on some earlier today. Hopefully get my money back tomorrow now.

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3:56 PM. I had that intuitive flash when I looked at the screen and saw that setup on Mr. W.




Anyway, it's still there, frozen in time. Take a picture of it. It may make a great conversation piece some day.


Chummin! How's bout it?

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Posted Today, 03:51 PM


no matter how i slice and dice it


30yr Treasury Yields bustin out


does it not matter cause the fed/treasury/ptb/wall st whores


only "care" about the 10yr?


is it any early signal?


will a stock market panic need to occur soon?


is the breakout in yields inevitable? (ithinkyes)


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