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Lots of nothing.....

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madness, just to clarify, i dont think this up wave is finished . we could get to 1137 or higher and then we complete this decline.


by 3/10 when mars goes direct, i think gold will bottom. mars retrograde has a very high correlation to gold weakness. and when it goes direct high correlation to upside progress. seasonals tend to support this as well. the next up wave should be the recognition phase. just my 2c

Agree. I'd give it a couple weeks on either side of March 10th.


FWIW I like silver even better. Also, although the chart is falling apart now, some of the astro transits hitting The Item in early April look pretty promising.


Only caveat is if the metals are somehow making highs around that time, I'd be looking for the opposite outcome.


And of course, if the next installment of the Global Financial Horrorshow arrives this spring, all bets are off.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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