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Steel beam reversal.....

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jickiss is back!




jickiss is back!





did not James Spenmore Copper write a flamous novel called "The Last of the Santa Monicaheekans?"


or some such????

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Jimi, did you notice the props behind him...I thought they brought in the Village People....only thing missing was a guy with a sombrero...that douche was definitely auditioning for 2012....and...who were those people he was talking to and where was he ? Guy's been on the job something like a week.....

Yup. To all of it.

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Dow 1hour (it is that CFD which trades 24 hours)


the 10315 area should contain upmove, otherwise doesnt look that good for the bears.

same chart several hours later. So far that 10315 area is res.


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