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Bully trapped....Douches happy

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Thinking I'll go away for the weekend and relax.....




PD got any recommendations? :unsure:

I don't know the better "spas", but have a small suggestion for the weekend. Lay in the booze, smoke, food, pull the blinds and watch this. You WILL laugh I think. :D



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It's now safe for a visit from Mr. Clown now that the day is over......In honor of the faithful Cramericans who bought into Jimmy Jones hype to buy the election and then banks the next day....



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Adami is in an absolute panic on lost money....



His folio is all financials and he is getting raped.......Says "the banks are what made this country great"



Freakin douche

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Wild and unexpected day......



167 mill shares on the quads......lots of volume to the downside this week.

??? :huh: ???

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I had a dang busy day bheind the woodddshed


lotta po folk givin' it up fer Shorty


Kool-Aid squirtin' out there ears


I wonder which part "Git Out" them don't nuderstand


not all that complexricated


Gov't bids gone, dpwn we go, easy ta figger


Crapple, Baidudu, goooooogsuckercrapcommon, International Balancesheet Mainpulation


all aSSumin' they're riteful postions


y'all cum bak agin tomorrow


I gotta lotta mo fo ya


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The Budget Deficit is plunging?


What is that moron smoking. Another lying sack of shit on the tube.


I don't know the date that the pic clip is from....


Maybe it was from the Clinton era....

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Teachers appear to have benefited most from the effort to save jobs with the $787 billion recovery package, which sent billions of dollars to states that were on the verge of ordering heavy layoffs in education.

The stimulus spared tens of thousands of teachers from losing their jobs.


In California, the stimulus was credited with saving or creating 62,000 jobs in public schools and state universities.


Utah reported saving about 2,600 teaching jobs.


In both states, education jobs represented about two-thirds of the total stimulus job number.


Missouri reported more than 8,500 school jobs, Minnesota more than 5,900.


In Michigan, where officials said 19,500 jobs have been saved or created, three out of four were in education.


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It does worry me that we haven't gotten the little gray GTFON from TD, who has only posted at the most perfect moments..... :huh:


for those Canadians among us, that's "grey."

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Federal stimulus spending has created or saved thousands of Oregon jobs, state officials boasted Monday, but at least three out of every four positions were in government work, according to the state's own figuring.


The lion's share of the money -- about $750 million, went to beefing up entitlement programs, such as Medicaid, unemployment benefits and food stamps.


But the remaining quarter-billion has been spread among public schools, universities, public safety and construction projects that have spared teacher layoffs, kept prisons open and allowed contractors to hire new workers.


In all, the spending accounts for the equivalent of 8,238 full-time jobs, according to the state's report, which was delivered to federal authorities over the weekend. Of those, more than 6,000 were in education and public safety. Fewer than 2,000 were in the private sector.

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