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Bully fights for his life

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Everytime you post regarding a particular trading instrument, I was already thinking about it. We must be on the same wave length. Well, this not be so good for you considering I am mentally insane. Anyway, my charts are currently not working. Hopefully, they will be up and running soon. When they are, I will try to have something regarding crude.



No biggie, oil not really moving tonight so I may get some shut eye and try and catch the London open.


Safe trading.

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This is really not a big deal.

Stuff happens, this goes on all the time as stress is relieved at the tectonic plate boundaries.

There is some relation to tidal effects from the moon/sun interaction, maybe further solar system/galactic stuff also.

A living planet is a tough place to live.

Remember that next time the earth moves.



Sometimes having too much information is not a good thing. :)


Here is what I could find on the USGS web site back to 2002

Year - # of Significant EQ - Mo. Avg


2010 - 5

2009 - 71 Mo. Avg 5.9

2008 - 58 Mo. Avg 4.8

2007 - 55 Mo. Avg 4.5

2006 - 34 Mo. Avg 2.8

2005 - 46 Mo. Avg 3.8

2004 - 48 Mo. Avg 4

2003 - 66 Mo. Avg 5.5

2002 - 44 Mo. Avg 3.6

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Just thinkin if the dollar is setting up for a run to 81, then I gotta assume a hunk of Mr. Market is gunna be a drag on bull horns for a bit.

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CDE weekly with log fibo


pullback at double res by tunnel and fibo. Classic.


Our friend - TJ Hooker - loaded up the wagon today at 17. On this chart you see why: Fib sup and former highs sup ^_^



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Did I ever disclose to you nice folks that I am certifiably mentally insane?

Yes, I believe so. Institutionalized once, I believe you said.


FWIW, you seem to have made a reasonable recovery. You seem focused, productive and happy.

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jickiss is back!




jickiss is back!





1. Now the Chinese are acting with the other Dirty Hands Behind the curtain, talkin' their Book. The Chinese Know that only Gold is real, but they must used the algos to lower the gold price and raise the doolar....this is working. For a few more days.....


2. Crazy. just another word. "Of all the things I've Lost in Life, I miss My Mind the Most!" Indeed. The way that the doolar moves now, (USDX), being the door open button on the key fob, that opens or shuts the doors of every single Item, would make anybody crazy, or, daresay, crazier!


Best regard to one and all,


take a look at HL vs CDE, if you can......



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