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Gap up or down tomorrow?

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Well the futures aren't exactly running away with it here are they? They only opened about 1pt higher.


INTC only up about .25 cents from the close.

Looks tired.

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because my feed only gives me so many days of backfill (IB gives 2 days on intra-day) and because Quote Tracker, which is inexpensive, only stores the most recent 10 sessions.

SPY up only .22. Hmmmm...




sell the news

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Jeebuz H


These US news scumbags are the worse


All running down to that god forsaken earthquake hell hole


Anything to get some pictures of dead, dismembered or bloody bodies




How come we never get to see any of the same from Iraq&Roll or Afganastain


Makes ya wonder....well, not really

Woke up this morning to a report on NPR's Morning Edition of a woman reporter describing walking around Port au Prince, and then standing on a hill overlooking the devastation. She said there were bodies everywhere, dead mother holding two dead daughters, limbs, people wandering around screaming, digging through rubble, sucking from cans of condensed milk and any equivalent that might provide any hydration, given that they're 3 days after the quake.


And I'm thinking, "NPR can drop a reporter in witha cell hookup, but we can't be dropping bottled water in on these people?"


But then, I guess I shoulda learned from Katrina.


Out here in Kali, if you are a native and you don't store days of fresh water somewhere, then you are a *^ing stupid douche. Pat Robertson's god is going to visit upon the fornicators, devil-lovers and god-lovers alike of this state the same fate afforded Haitians... someday.


I live 100 yards off this beast that will someday let loose and wreak humbling disaster:



Rode out the 1989 World Series 6.9 earthquake on the 13th floor in downtown San Francisco.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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