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Bulgaria - The Weak End Leader

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Interesting that there is basically no small lot size vehicle out there for Buy-Bonds-and-Hold-Until-Maturity players.


Not sure if I am interpreting your comment correctly, but Fidelity, TD Ameritrade & others allow purchase of individual bonds in amounts as low as [1] bond ($1,000 face).


While the bid/ask spreads may appear wide in some cases, I have found this to be less meaningful in this market due to lower liquidity & trading volumes. At the end of the day, you are getting cleared at or very near where BIG buyers are getting filled.


To expand further, I have certainly seen cases where the bid/ask was say 55/75 on a "risky" name. But to me the 55 is almost meaningless, being that you'll see most trades clearing in and around 77. In fact, it's really no different than seeing an option at a certain strike set say 1.80/2.20, and then you put in a buy at 2.05 and get hit. The flip side of course are actively traded names where that same situation would have a spread of say 1.95/2.00.


If you want to sell bonds once you have them -- it is definitely harder (i.e., you are far most likely to be offered a bid away from the market) because in most cases the individual will not have SIZE (e.g. $1,000,000 par). This is the biggest downside to doing this. Hence, when you buy bonds this way your best plan is holding them to maturity. The good news is that with the likes of HYG and JNK you can hedge yourself using options, but that ain't cheap -- but it is an alternative if so inclined.


But alas, I am beginning to ramble

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We may be on the verge of an Epic Turn in the Yen....


2nd weekly close over 90 after the huge reversal candle a couple weeks ago.


IF the turn is coming, explosion in USD/JPY should be literally right around the corner...if it does blast into year end, monthly candle would also be sporting huge reversal candle as momo starts to turn back up.



Here are the longer term looks....methinks 90 is fur all da marbles....failure to push thru here could mean that the 1995 lows get taken out....






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could some one post a chart with information about how many companies from sp500 or all exchange are above/below:


"...post a chart..." you mean you want daily stat's over some period?


Table for S&P components at Friday's close:

sma 10 - 271

sma 50 - 339

sma 72 - 342

sma 100 - 378

sma 200 - 446

on daily.


Table for what my system calls "all stocks" (6736 symbols, actually includes some etf's) at Friday's close:

sma 10 - 3330

sma 50 - 3581

sma 72 - 3521

sma 100 - 3920

sma 200 - 4959

on daily.

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"...post a chart..." you mean you want daily stat's over some period?



Just what I need for my long term group :wacko:

Taken for the whole market from a couple of noted lows...

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Michael Mann just wrote an Op-ed in WaPo, and just made a complete idiot of himself.


In the same e-mail, Jones uses the phrase "hide the decline" in reference to work by tree-ring expert Keith Briffa. Because tree-ring information has been found to correlate well with temperature readings, it is used to plot temperatures going back hundreds of years or more. Briffa described a phenomenon in which the density of wood exhibits an enigmatic decline in response to temperature after about 1960. This decline was the focus of Briffa's original article, and Briffa was clear that these data should not be used to represent temperatures after 1960. By saying "hide the decline," Jones meant that a diagram he was producing was not to show those data during the unreliable post-1960 period.


The great majority of his historical record he would like you to believe, is based upon tree ring proxies. And then he wants us to believe that 50 years ago, after they were "accurate" for the very long time before 1960, they are suddenly useless? Really? Honestly, is there anyone on this board that buys into that? I feel for you if you are that gullible.


His "Hockey Stick" is what started the hysteria about AGW, after the hysteria from 20 years prior about global cooling had died down. I can only imagine what the hysteria would have like been during the warm Dustbowl years of the 30s with today's moronic fanatics and media, just before the cooling started again at the top of the 60-70 year cycle, as it appears to be doing once again now. One could not have generated the Hockey Stick without hiding the decline in the tree ring proxies, and it has has been thoroughly debunked long ago by McIntyre and McKitrick. Only the truly religious types still try to claim the Hockey Stick that dismisses the Medieval Warm Period is anything but a fantasy.


Mr. Mann is still obviously in that camp.


This is my last post on this, I promise...At least Copenhagen was pretty much a disaster, so that is a start in the right direction. The truth is slowly coming to light about the manipulated, adjusted, and homogenized "science". Mother Nature and common sense will hopefully take the ball away from the alarmists from here on out.



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jickiss is back!




jickiss is back!





Dear phatbubble, do you detect any potentials worth discussing that will emerge from the up-coming 2 eclipses:


dec 31, 2009 2:14 pm est at 10 degrees 15' cancer (lunar eclipse)


followed by


jan 15, 2010 2:12 am est at 25 degrees 01' capricorn (solar eclipse)


some observers think that these eclispes will trigger serious diplomatic conflict with China, leading to a loss of control over us currency and trade practices.


best regards, phat, and remember, no matter what, Stoolville expects......!




ps Delaware County PA is under about 24 inches of snow, so your jickiss is going out to shovel (snow, that is HooHA!)


back later!


(makes Maui look better and better)

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Iran Forces Occupy Iraqi Oil Well, Border Guard Says


Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Iranian forces yesterday entered Iraqi territory at dawn and occupied a well in the East Maysan oil field, Border Guard General Zafer Nazmi said.


The Iranian forces positioned tanks around well number 4, which is in the al-Fakah region, 450 kilometers (280 miles) south of Baghdad. The two neighbors have disputed the border of southeast Iraq for decades.




The antidote for tanks:


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