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Bulgaria - The Weak End Leader

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Posted this dollar chart over at Goldbugs. It compares the dollar rally the last time gold consolidated in Nov./Dec. 2007 just as we have potential for the same kind of action now in gold. I sort of expect "something is different now" if it were to break above the box.


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jickiss is back!




jickiss is back!





in the middle of the Giant Blizzard that rages right now, Sat Dec 19 2009 in Delaware County, PA at 8:12 PM, Right Coast Time,


emerges a Document:




Escape from Vulgaria: 2010, the Year to Do or Die.


Saturday, December 19, 2009.


By your jickiss



Only One Book Matters.



Over the long march of the years, only one book that your jickiss ever read, with respect to business, is truly recalled: “Management by Objectives.” All of the teachings of this book can, and really ought to, be applied to private lives, as well as to the management of corporations.


Therefore, your jickiss makes this pledge: “To be Guided by Management by Objectives,” beginning right now, or nothing. This is not the time to waiver or to quit or to give in, but rather the time to win big and finally, or maybe to lose everything. It is no longer a time to float along, spouting the false Idea that “Nobody Knows, Nobody Knows” or, if it makes you happier: “Stock Prices are Random.”


If your jickiss learned only one thing in 2009, the One Thing Learned came from a clear communication from Mr. Martin Armstrong, who explained very clearly that he was in Federal Prison in New Jersey for one Reason; namely, he violated his own personal rule, which was “To take nothing for granted.”


The intelligent should make it a habit to learn from the Wise.


If many have been held back from the attainment of their Objectives, it has generally been for two key Reasons: (1) Their Objectives have been poorly defined, and for sure, this poor definition trap is always an entrance into the prison of failure, but, more realistically, even the Wise have failed in a more subtle, but more important consideration, which is to incorporate Time into the execution of their plans to achieve their Objectives.


Of course, at this point you, the Reader, may say well, jickiss, this is all so simple and clear, and every body with at least a 6th grade education already knows what you just tried to tell us. Ok. Fine, but your jickiss then thinks that most went wrong in 7th Grade, when they made the Key Mistake, which is to permit their own Objectives to be blended with or steered by the Objectives of someone else.


This is not, in and of itself, bad or evil, but your jickiss Argues that once this happens, then the individual so beset fails to understand the Operation of Time in the achievement of Objectives.

Time is, in fact, just as vital, if not more vital, that the actual specification of Objectives for all them that expect to succeed.


This leads to the First Mistake Regarding Time, which is to think that time is Forever. Or, alternatively, this leads to the Second Mistake Regarding Time, which is to say basically that Events tend to be Random, and that Time Does Not Matter.


The Dirty Hand and Time.


The sad reality in the West, especially in that country called the United States, is that the populations basically think that what is called by the press “the Government” is on their side. In face, the singular purpose of everyday mundane “Politics” is to reinforce and magnify this concept within the minds of the people. In the beginning of the formation of the United States, the Objectives of the Government were, in large measure, aligned with the Objectives of the people. Of course, at this late stage, to argue that the interests of the Government are aligned with the interest of the people is to merely discuss what is best termed “A Dream.” But you should convince yourself if “An American Dream” still exists today. Do not try to argue with your jickiss, argue, instead, with yourself in this regard.


From the time, in the building up of the legal system of the United States, when Corporations, which, when funded with a large enough Capital Base, can exist virtually Forever, were given the same legal rights as individual natural men, the interest of the Government were on longer logically able to be aligned with those of the people.


Once it became clear that a fiat system of money could control Time, basically by making future promises that could only be funded if the expected compound returns could exceed levels that were greater than the natural growth of production, then, the natural citizen was doomed by the power of compounding, which such observers as Warren Buffet praise as the power of Retaining Earnings Within the Firm.


Imagine being praised for such Insight!


Anyway, the point of this is to say that certain elements do, in fact, understand Time as the key to attaining Objectives.


The Plan for the Year 2010.


Of course, as 2009 draws itself to an end, it is popular to make strong resolve a component in the list of virtues that can power one through the coming period. Now, your jickiss goes One Better; to wit, Maui by Year End 2010, or NO MORE POSTS. Either Vulgaria will be totally Escaped, or not, but the line is now drawn on the beach, so to say!




Hold Fast!


Acres of Diamonds are Dead Ahead!


In the end, ONLY the Gold and Silver and Miners and Miners Related Longs, and the Broads Shorts will win Big.


This is now the time to set the Objectives of your greatest Dreams and desires.


The Time for achievement will be the Year 2010. This may be your last time to reach your Objectives, if you have any that are Set, of course.



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"Eliminate management by objectives" is Dr. W Edward Deming's 11th point. He believed it to be a faulty management technique for organizations primarily because it resulted in the misapplication of objectives. That is most often because managers tend to not really understand their own business systems or are willing to pervert the system for their own benefit. (Think Wall Street bonuses as a perfect example.) Either situation leads to societal loss.


"Management by objectives" is at the root of several of his "Seven Deadly Diseases". Linky


Generally, he thought that organizations that used these methods became self-destructive because MBO fostered short term thinking; a focus on personal results, rather that organizational success; a lack of system level thinking; disregard for the Customer and a host of other modern day organizational ills.


He believed that management by objectives should be replaced by a focus on managing the organizational systems and processes to make them more flexible, effective and better able to serve the Customer.


MBO may have a place in one's personal life, since we all need goals, but it is a recipe for disaster in organizations.



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jickiss is back!




jickiss is back!




for sure,


Dear alceringa: Tanks for mentioning your jickiss, and the Great Re-Turn to Management by Objectives, (as the way out of Vulgaria, that is)


Maybe your jickiss should have mentioned Management By Objectives in the changing context of Music, to make it clearer. The Great Classics in Western Music were based upon Management by Objectives. Think Mozart. In today's terms, think Marvin Gaye, or Frank....compared with any that you hear recording tonight. There is a tide.....


If the Objectives are set, for instance, like this,


"We want to be the fastest growing and Best company in OUR INDUSTRY" in, (for Instance) the USA, (or Our State, City, whatever) but (we always want to pay wages that are 30% less than the average company in the industry, because our metric is (REALLY, BUT WE NEVER NEVER NEVER say this in PUBLIC becasue we are Hypo-crites)) to Grow our Retained Earnings internally because that is what is left for the top Insiders to steal (pay out in salaries that are 100% higher than that which prevails in the Industry, or capture for ourselves (remember insiders got options near -0- cost, no real Persoal Investment in many shares) at LT gains treatment when we sell out if we can at a phoney high price) from the producers within the Firm.


well, you get the Idea. This was the Model, for instance, for all of the Bonks that used to be domiciled in Philadelphia. If you may notice, there are none left. (ok,maybe PNC a bit) or, if you want a Kali example, thimk Security Pacific Bank. Or, press on, Uni-cal Oil, whose Insiders stopped Mr. Pickens and Mr. Batchelder from taking it over via the trick of having the top one or 2 Insiders at Security Pacific vote trust held shares against the higher price. your jickiss is not about to go on and on and on, why bother, this leads no-where.


The issue has been for years that "Management By Objectives" has been, (in Truth and In Fact), best defined like this: "The Objective of Our Corporation is to enable a handful of Insiders to cash in as Many Options on Our Firm's Sharest as is possible, and to Front Run the Street as Quickly as is Possible."


This is the Real Objective.


In fact, Most Corporations are run this way. Of course, their Stated Objective is NEVER DISCUSSED in public, Please consider the garden varitey "Corporate Mission Statement," "Or Statement of Corporate Values" (it usually mentions a bunch of "Stake Holders," who are never Share Holders) if you refuse to accept your jickiss's argument. Corporations should not have Corporate Mission Statements. They Should have Clearly defined Objectives. But, alas, they really, in the Main, do not, for then, it might be clear just how badly they are failing to achieve the same.


Not to cover Ground that has been Well Rehearsed here in the Past, but the FIRST DUTY of any Public Corporate Management should be to MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF THE COMMON SHARE IN TERMS OF PRICE.


AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS THEN???? EVEN MORAN CRIMS MAY FIGGER OUT THAT IF THEIR SHARE PRICE IS MAXIMIZED ON SOME DAY IN YEAR ONE, WHAT THE HECK, LET'S DO MORE OF THE SAME AND WE (INSIDER MANAGMENT AND SHARE HOLDERS) CAN ALL GET RICH IN YEAR 2 AND YEAR 3 AND YEAR 4 etc. Please post a list for us ALL to read of such Public Firms that are out there NOW, so that your jickiss can buy the same with both hands on Monday, next.


Buffet actually did this for a number of years, but, (please correct your jickiss if your jickiss is wrong) Buffet never stated this to be his objective.....Rather, he made numerous references to "Buying Other Business at a good (cheap) price, Avoiding Anything that he and Charlie did not understand, such as Technology) and blah blah blah....but for a number of years, he actually was trying to Maximize the value of his common shares.



there is more here, but, again, why bother to go on and on and on?


The Media and Washington newspapers, ELEMENTS OF PAST EXCITEMENT, were left at the Post.


Deming was accepted by the Japanese corporations, but in Japan, the Corporations could build a Lexus, but they could not Learn Politics (the master Science) nor Economics based on non-fiat currency measures. Today, the Japanese corporations still produce the Best on Planet Earth, but even Toyoda lost coin recently. Tear apart a Lexus, compare it with a Mercedes or a Cadillac, and shake your head.


at this point, it might be worth considering just what the very top corporate insiders are thimking in japan, but your jickiss Dare not go there. Deming probably does factor in the the coming de-population move, so, on that score, his theories should be Watched in context.....for sure, your jickiss does not dismiss anything Deming ever said, but ask yourself about the Time function.....sure, if it is supposed that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, maybe Deming has all the answers....He did, back when there was plenty of time left....virtually no one thinks that Corporate Japan has plenty of time left, tonight, unless they want to do the bidding of them due West of Kitakyushu. To close, in the View of your jickiss, these Great Matters will not turn or Who can Out-Produce Whom, but rather upon Who has the Stronger Will, or Which group will not Whore themselves. Surely it can be appreciated that the Americans have been the Leaders in the anti-accomplishments of the last mentioned element. It is always fun, until it back-fires...just ask Mr. Tiger.


best regards to you, alceringa!



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Go long the following of you are in NJ






Gin is for warmer climes where when mixed with tonic serves the medicinal function of fighting malaria. Let me suggest something more suitable for sipping by the fire.


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Iran Forces Occupy Iraqi Oil Well, Border Guard Says


Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Iranian forces yesterday entered Iraqi territory at dawn and occupied a well in the East Maysan oil field, Border Guard General Zafer Nazmi said.


The Iranian forces positioned tanks around well number 4, which is in the al-Fakah region, 450 kilometers (280 miles) south of Baghdad. The two neighbors have disputed the border of southeast Iraq for decades.


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could some one post a chart with information about how many companies from sp500 or all exchange are above/below:

sma 10or 15

sma 50

sma 72

sma 100

sma 200

on daily.


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Go long the following of you are in NJ




Global Warming.


If they can move high yield debt any higher, I'll sh*t my pants


The debt I hold has gone through an absolutely ridiculous move of historic proportions (85% of all my trading assets)


Nowhere to go other than flat or down....


Fine for holders of individual bonds (me)....bad for holders of the funds and ETF's

Interesting that there is basically no small lot size vehicle out there for Buy-Bonds-and-Hold-Until-Maturity players.


All the bond funds seem to be little more than a constant roll, high modified duration interest rate play punt. :unsure:

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