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I don't trust these new fangled computerized voting machines. :angry:

In Louisiana, we elected the current candidate for US Senate Suzy Terrell for her pledge to fully implement electronic voting and do away with all the 'people' touching ballots and mechanical voting machines. Within 5 years all in place, and her job is no longer needed! cool. lower costs better accuracy.


now the complaints came in from south Louisiana that poll workers don't trust the electronics as they can't check the votes to be sure what the voter 'intended' when they voted. That means exactly what it meant in FL, they 'adjusted' the ballots after the election was done for the obvious reasons.


In 1996, more than 10,000 votes were 'made' on the mechanical machines than signed voter polls. A few precints even had greater than 100% voter turnout!


All poll precints have at least 2 paid workers (election only, per day pay). Then there are poll watchers that are there for a variety of reasons..voter fraud deterrence, voter identification (prev id'd pro-your-candidate voters are checked off as they vote and the list is used to contact those voters who have not yet voted an hour or two before the polls close), and 'concerned' citizens. The last two categories are unusual in that the poll watcher has no say in what precinct they will be 'assigned'. So you have to have hundreds of pollwatchers to 'catch' the precints you really want. The poll watchers are assigned via computer random number, with each covered precinct taken out of the pool of possibles until all precints have at least one assigned poll-watcher.


p.s. I still think that if a person can't read, then they should not be able to vote (not talking about the blind of course!)

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