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  1. Was thinking around 17th. Like all previous spike in Silver it will come to an end. Unless we are looking at top like 2011. Gold Bounce today where I thought it would bounce from. In 2011 Silver made Top April and Gold in August. It could be like 2008 top. What ever it is there is No doubling from here. Most likely it's like 2008 top. will have more Cash before the 27th, that is what one will need to Buy the Panic bottom. Miners are not moving fast as silver or Gold.
  2. Gold Bullish cycle Began in 2018 and has long way to go. But its not going to go up in straight line. Best to buy the dip. When I see more people in Gold Forum then will know public are interested or Old members from 2001
  3. OMG. You are making me worried. Then again Gold Forum is dead. Only Gold Bull in Bearish Forum
  4. During Y2K Bubble era. After doing some home work during the Weekend. There was Monday erection. Now they are having regrets.
  5. They are Just shaking the Money tree. Buy hold Guys are looking for Huge run with help from the Fed. It has worked for so long. since 1987 That strategy can't fail. perpetual motion machine
  6. Some say's Cycles doesn't work how come Each mania Lines up? Some even lough, Casino makes people Blind During Each mania most believe it's not going to end. Change is coming. Before 1987, 2000, 2008, 2020, and 2020 Crash. Most believe Market is going to the moon, Going to be very Rich. fed want's you to believe they have every thing in control. It only works if you believe in it. Listen to Mike Green very carefully then you will realize March was the test of what's coming. fed isn't going to help with No bids https://ttmygh.podbean.com/e/teg_0003/
  7. Good News is not always a good news. How about a trading range where Buyers think It's going to breakout, Fed is there to look after the market Only. Any drop and Poor Fed will do $10 trillions in QE and Free handout.
  8. I take it you were trading Tech during Y2K. have you brought any Tech since? They says Bad experience stops people taking risk in Market.
  9. You don't loose money by taking profit, Never look afterwards how much you missed. Then look for another trade profit is profit. I just trade long term. Small returns doesn't interest me.
  10. There is going to lot's scam surfacing soon. Like Enron, Global Crossing, WorldCrime, Madoff etc. It always comes out after the crash
  11. Isn't it strange that with so much good news coming from Tech that Ndx is having problems taking out the trend line? Ndx is also doing Ending diagonal. Crooks are unloading their position to Bagholders.
  12. I was wrong about September If I have the date right. Smart people are Taking delivery of Gold. Do they know something that isn't in the news? It's most likely to happen around around 25th of August or black Monday.
  13. I Just done some more wave analyse and found that wave 3 top was done. Bounce from March is similar to 1929 crash bounce, Crash that is coming will bounce on same line. Will get better picture once it happens. Hopefully I get some input from You.
  14. Yes, Boom has started , Gold Miners in few years, will spend money like there is no tomorrow, see how their cost goes up with Gold price. Hopefully when that happens will Only Hold Gold. Cheap now. Good time to buy is when there is good size correction
  15. FOMC Master, Market erection. How long Can they keep Active managers in the Game? Passive fund managers are not going to sell.
  16. How Long can the Fed hold the market up? Before the election or after the Election? Will we get Bounce in Butt Wipes? Will we get Correction in Gold or Just Bullish consolidation?
  17. Gold Miner still have little more upside left. Everything pointing to September selloff. That would be your best buying opportunity in this cycle.
  18. Spoon need to take out 3k then 2800 and bears will have it. Bulls need to take out 3300.
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