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  1. When the Top came in September. Did not imagine that it will be more like 2007 with Slightly higher high on all indexes. Not only that even BTC did the same. During September top there was no Huge gap up. yesterday was ideal. Is the market going to head south. Yes If one look at all tops they do distribute then it head south. which we will see next week.
  2. It's like 2007 where Most Indexes made slightly higher high to fool everyone. Gap Gap is classic where they clean out shorts and get Bulls to load up. Huge Gap up that got sold is how top are made. Check How the Fib Sq. Plays out if one runs them Backward. There are 2 scenario that can play out SPX heads south to 4555 then head back up and do double top or It head up and do double top. 1st one is how they distribute Look At SPX which has done Perfect ABC and has met all the upside. Today it will do small C wave 4555 then back up again for the final time.
  3. How many were here when in 2007 stocks and inflation were going to the Moon. 2007 Housing collapse everyone ignored it. Now 2021 China has the same problems. One thing for sure excess liquidity from china won't be coming to west. Since CCP is running the show in China. Price of apartment may not go down much and may make it impossible to sell their apartments. there will be no more apartment construction Boom. will they buy more raw material from Australia or Buy real estate in west? Remember what happened to Japan after Bubble deflated. Checkout HYG and Move Index which are linked to Bond Market. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/news-trends/article/3091222/japan-1980s-when-tokyos-imperial-palace-was-worth-more https://corporate.nordea.com/article/67806/china-im-forever-blowing-bubbles-how-bad-is-the-situation-in-chinese-real-estate
  4. We did get a huge bounce and was more then ,618. Now we have Double top like 2007 also Have H&S on Dow. NDX is making lower High similar to Dow 2007. Spx is making slightly higher high then September top. Believe that Dow would make it to 36K. should have realise when it wasn't going down according to plan that it will be like 2007. slightly higher high. Not like Y2K or 1929. What we will see a distribution then Plunge. 1974 Bottom to 1987 top was 662 weeks 2007 Bottom to 2021 top if it's 662 weeks would come to 8th November. I believe It will come before 8th November. Here are some charts showing You 2007 top and H&S on Dow. neckline is from 1929 top, 2000 Top. There is a good chance that Dow will hit 36K before it's all over. NDX should not takeout 15510 on closing price then Bearish scenario may begin week commencing 25th October or by 8th November. Most likely it will be over before 8th. November.
  5. E wave on #spx is targeting 4435? D Wave 4375 and close the gap? Will E wave complete today or on Monday? Or there is no D wave if #spx takes out 4350 If #SPX close the gap then goes up today means E wave will complete around 4435.
  6. Little disappointed that we did not get red Close. Then found the triangle like before the 17th September flush out. That lasted 2 days with Huge bounce. Tomorrow we will find out if it's a same setup with 2 days flush out and Huge bounce.
  7. looks like there is a fight between bulls and bears. On one Minutes DOW chart there is Triangle developing.
  8. Most of the downside will be tomorrow and Friday and may close above the low. Be careful that you don't get stuck with the shorts.
  9. What we have is morning Rush to close the Gap. Which isn't going to get filled That will get filled during scam week.
  10. If my dates are right then Bottom will be in on 8th October then Scam week will be up. Most likely it will be a huge gap up on Monday. Scam week will be bad for Bears that will bring 28 days cycle from top will come in play. that will be very bad for bulls. See how it played out last time. 3 red candle is all bears will get until 28/29 days come in play. Dates rules the market. which will be confirm during the scam week. How big the bounce will be? Don't get fooled into believing world is about to end.
  11. 3 Red daily candle is how it play out. rally will get sold and tomorrow we should see another gap down. Don't get fooled Monday will be Big gap up and Bears will get slaughter during Scam week You don't want to be short during Scam week.
  12. Trend change is coming. Instead of red, green, red Green daily candle 3 red candle followed by gap up and retrace .5/.61 and that will be all it wrote. bottom in November
  13. Ideally would prefer for indexes to go up today. line in the sand is 4320. Which I don't think will be taken out. 4385/4397 would be ideal for today then when you wake up in the morning tomorrow market would have gap down.
  14. Ideally would prefer for indexes to go up today. line in the sand is 4320. Which I don't think will be taken out. 4385/4397 would be ideal for today then when you wake up in the morning tomorrow market would have gap down.
  15. Don't be fooled by the drop. It will last around 2 days then a huge bounce. There are 2 option If SPX don't take out 4320 then one more bounce and drop will commence tomorrow
  16. #SPX500 We will find out if that is the case on Monday if there is No D or E wave. which means low will around 6th October then Bounce which should last till 12/14 October. Scenario 1: Wave 2 done Scenario 2: wave 2 end with D and E wave. days drop 4257/4220 If market head south then Bottom will come on 6th and Market will retrace .618 12-14 October around 4440?. Which means it will be Big leg up. Don't forget the drop will last around 2 days. Then a huge
  17. This Morning we got that up leg. looks like it's not finished. Most likely it should stop near gap, If it start to fill gap then gap will get filled then another lag down will begin. First target is around 4414 then If it get pass that then 4465 which will close the gap.
  18. Looks like market is doing Window dressing for months end.
  19. SPX around 4485/4495, Done already or few Hrs after market opens. Dow Top was on 16th August and Today is 29th Trading days.
  20. C wave went up more then expected. By today or tomorrow all upside will be over. SPX around 4485/4495 (SPX around 4485/4495, Done already or few Hrs after market opens.) I believe top is already in on Dow which was on 16th August. Today is 29 trading days from top. If one look at the McClellan Summation Index it's under Zero where bad thing does happen. All it need is another push down and waterfall will begin.
  21. All it was Short covering and bulls Buying. Double rocket fuel. Nothing has changed. Fake break down was followed by Fake breakout. Today will find out if Bulls have any more rocket fuel for another Huge green candle. Bob Farrell's 10 Rules Click here A lesson I learned early is that there is nothing new in Wall Street. There can't be because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again.
  22. 1. Markets tend to return to the mean over time. Translation: Trends that get overextended in one direction or another return to their long-term average. Even during a strong uptrend or strong downtrend, prices often move back (revert) to a long-term moving average. The chart below shows the S&P 500 over a 15-year period with a 52-week exponential moving average. The blue arrows show several reversions back to this moving average in both uptrends and downtrends. The indicator window shows the Percent Price Oscillator (1,52,1) reverting back to the zero line. 2. Excesses in one direction will lead to an opposite excess in the other direction. Translation: Markets that overshoot on the upside will also overshoot on the downside, kind of like a pendulum. The further it swings to one side, the further it rebounds to the other side. The chart below shows the Nasdaq bubble in 1999 and the Percent Price Oscillator (52,1,1) moving above 40%. This means the Nasdaq was over 40% above its 52-week moving average and way overextended. This excess gave way to a similar excess when the Nasdaq plunged in 2000-2001 and the Percent Price Oscillator moved below -40%. 3. There are no new eras – excesses are never permanent. https://school.stockcharts.com/doku.php?id=overview:bob_farrell_10_rules
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