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  1. It's going to be very Boring till September
  2. SPX is trading within the box. Not going to break out or break down for now.
  3. Ribinhood bagholders are not going to give up this easily. I am Shocked that SPX could not close near the Gap, that was 2nd attempt 3rd time will be Goodbye
  4. My thinking is Crooks are distributing all their Inventories should end by End August/Mid September. New Low then More printing which get SPX where we are now.
  5. Spx and NDX will finish it's correction and start new down leg from Late August/ Mid September
  6. I just can't wait for September or October. Y2K top didn't happen in days. It taken 4 weeks
  7. That Nasty (NDX) gap is going to get filled. That Drop in Gold was fake.
  8. During the Last phase Silver will go real Crazy like TSLA and have to be quick or you could end up being a Bagholder.
  9. More they Print , isn't it that it devalues your Money which is in Bank? Fed can't print Assets that is why I like Gold, Silver is for Traders.
  10. I believe That Top will be made in September or October including Gold at Around 2K Nasty Is on Rocket Fuel like Y2K and once it runs out it will be like Y2K Charts in Gold Forum Click here
  11. Update. Still Looking for Top around mid or Late September
  12. Buy all the Dips in Gold till Mid September then Consolidation period will begin till Mid December where it will end.
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