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  1. Looks like another selling Climax like 14th September. few days rest is required before another wave begins. Now everything is broken Bullmarket is over. It will be in rear view mirror that top is in come October. 3 Monthly red candle will end the Bearish picture.
  2. Today market has hit my trendline. Not the time to short the market. Gap fill will come in play. No water fall yet. Waterfall will come at latter date. Full moon is in play (it has inverted and become bearish) just like New Moon Top in SPX, NDX
  3. Today we have hit Bottom trend line which should hold. Game over for Bulls. Market will try and close gap today then 1929 type scenario come in play. Dow first bounce around 30660 Final destination around 18600 Then Huge bounce for 5/7 Months Then even bigger drop as per long term chart. Top was in August and Not going to see that high for a long time. For it's popcorn time. Watch the show for free, End is going to be fun just like 2007 Bearmarket. So many traders believe that Fed control the market. That's going to proven wrong. waterfall is going to come but not yet
  4. Nothing is free from Crooks. Free things cost you money. Just like Google and FB. They know more about you then your self.
  5. Once last low get taken out on Gold. It's going to be downhill for sometime.
  6. Tuesday was Selling climax, needed more days before next selling wave begins. 4 days of market going nowhere will reset the next wave down. If the Top is in then we will not see NDX, SPX or Dow High for sometime.
  7. Narrative is fed has your back and Stocks can only go up Best to buy now and become Millionaires The other way is 4 days rest after selling climax will make all indexes ready for another Dump Top was with new moon. 4 days rest will bring it to Full Moon Monday (20 September 2020) is the D day. We will find out if there is another round trip today. That is a good option which will suck in more Bulls and Bears will throw in the towels.
  8. Only time this rule failed was after Mach 2020 1. Markets tend to return to the mean over time. Translation: Trends that get overextended in one direction or another return to their long-term average. Even during a strong uptrend or strong downtrend, prices often move back (revert) to a long-term moving average. The chart below shows the S&P 500 over a 15-year period with a 52-week exponential moving average. The blue arrows show several reversions back to this moving average in both uptrends and downtrends. The indicator window shows the Percent Price Oscillator (1,52,1) reverting back to the zero line. 2. Excesses in one direction will lead to an opposite excess in the other direction. Translation: Markets that overshoot on the upside will also overshoot on the downside, kind of like a pendulum. The further it swings to one side, the further it rebounds to the other side. The chart below shows the Nasdaq bubble in 1999 and the Percent Price Oscillator (52,1,1) moving above 40%. This means the Nasdaq was over 40% above its 52-week moving average and way overextended. This excess gave way to a similar excess when the Nasdaq plunged in 2000-2001 and the Percent Price Oscillator moved below -40%. https://school.stockcharts.com/doku.php?id=overview:bob_farrell_10_rules
  9. My views are that there is more down side on the way. another 2/3 days When I see big gap down then all the downside is finished in SPX, around 4365?. If we don't get there in 3 days then will have to see what is happening. FOMC may come out with Taper news. IMHO that is double taper with huge Reverse repo running in trillions. https://wolfstreet.com/2021/06/30/feds-reverse-repos-spike-to-1-trillion-cash-drain-undoes-8-months-of-qe/
  10. Everything was option driven. Next week will be very interesting. Will they delta hedge and limit their losses? When you look at VIX not much insurance was brought after 12 and Half years of Bull run (150 Months) So far nothing is broken. It will be broken in September. we will know when NYA takes out 200 MA
  11. Pearl Harbour Day? Why? With out oil Japan military would run out of fuel for the war.
  12. Still nothing is broken but it will be broken during the scam week. Drop will determine which type of bear market is in store. Will it be like 1929 or Y2K total time will be around 33/34 Months. Don't fool your self that world is going to end like 2003 or 2009
  13. Another Diamond top played out nicely. So far nothing is broken. It will be broken during the scam week (option expiry week September) Also looks like top came in SPX during Labour week New moon. same as 3rd September 1929 with New moon. Bottom will be in after fed runs around like headless chickens. around 34 Months time. Does anyone remember 2009 where they did exactly that. Two scenario's that can play out. ABC drop like 1929 or Y2K drop, A wave took longer then B wave up for 6 Months, went up and killed most bears.
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