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  1. Everything changed once Russia $$$ got cancelled and trade embargo happened. It happened to japan before Pearl harbour. Fall of Communism was a catalyst for commodities price deflation. Cancelling Russia is a catalyst for Inflation. Instead Deflation we are dealing with Inflation. Inflation make asset price deflate slowly. We will not see Stock Market crash but it will be like 1966-1982 where biggest drop will come near the end. I believe Gold is making a base camp to climb mount Everest. as you know if you want to climb Everest then Base Camp is a must. No one buys the Bottom most like to buy the top which will be in the News. First Chart is Gold/Dow and 2nd Chart inflation adjusted Dow chart. It has been deflating since late 2021 just like 1966
  2. Palantir Invests in More SPAC Companies, and Buys $51 Million in Gold Bars SPAC is a con where you will loose your Money like Y2K. Also they brought it high so holder have weak hands in the casino.
  3. Whole thing is confidence game, you are right that no one knows when another Nixon shock will come. Presently we have open capital market with rising debt only option they have is YCC (Yield curve control) like before. That time there was no open FX market, rationing, shortage of goods, I don't think capital market were open like now with funds moving instantly. Next shock will be capital control, YCC, price control and devalue Dollar. We are not there yet. Same as they done during the war and after the WW2. That time FX was fix this time it will stay open. Everyone will get paid back in devalued Butt wipes. Gold will run like hell just like 1970. Another option is to make Fed Money legal tender. Last page There has been so much inflow into stocks and bond due to Zero returns. Only place for savers is in the Fed casino. How much spare cash will they have for the Casino with rising Inflation? Not Much You know once you are loaded up in risky assets there is no way out unless it keeps going up. If it stops and head south. capital goes down also can't leverage your capital. margin call if it's leverage. That what's happening in Gold. other assets will do the same. I am watching USD for where market will head. Strong USD is bad for the market for now. Weakness means smart people are looking for a different out come.
  4. Gold miners looks in worse shape then Gold. Gold went over 2011 high while miners couldn't even get near 2011 high. On weekly chart MA have crossed just like 2012. Does that look like more pain is on the way or Bullish. It's only worth buying miner's once Gold has made bottom I Just hate pain. It's because don't like loosing capital at my age
  5. You may be right that deleveraging is taking place. As you know leverage takes price up and deleveraging takes it down. Then there are the Miners who keep selling in the market. I will look to buy Physical CGT free Gold coins, Paper Gold & Silver, 2008/09 event or depending where DXY is. So far nothing I see apart from DXY, Popcorns and some Put time to time If DXY get strong then Central bankers won't have $$$ to buy much Gold I searched Palantir. Don't think they buy gold. It's all about big data analytics.
  6. Is there any traders out there traded 2001 Bull Market and also 2018 Bull run? People who brought it in 2001 are still ahead, unless they Loaded up on Miners. I sold My Gold In August 2020 and balance during the Silver squeeze also Lucky enough to sell it near top in 2011. My plan was to Buy gold during Santa time in 2020, chart did not feel right and stayed away from PM. was expecting Lower Triple top in August 2021 like 2012, should have reached $1950 like 2012, Some how it toped out early @ $1850 What we have is Just like before another Bounce. extremely unlikely to take out last high. Bounce and consolidation like before or it head south without much consolidation are 2 scenario's out there. Last one is extremely bearish unless 2008/9 type scenarios plays out. I would like to hear the other side if any or any other scenarios
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