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  1. Fed Tapers "Unlimited QE": Will Reduce Treasury Purchases From $75BN to $60BN Per Day
  2. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/m9w6ph/MacroVoices-2020-03-26-Simon-White.mp3 This week’s unlimited QE by the FED and its implications Comparison of exogenous shocks vs. recession Are stocks and bonds both starting to sell off? Are treasuries moving up due to the FED buying up bonds? U.S. government’s reaction COVID-19 crisis and how will it impact asset markets
  3. Economy is shut down and market is open that can't be good. Coronavirus isn't going away any time soon also Bull market isn't coming back any time soon.
  4. During Weimar Republic in Germany stocks done well. Unlimited Printing with unlimited spending should be good but not for someone holding Cash. https://investmentmoats.com/stock-market-commentary/contrarian/stocks-performed-hyperinflation-weimar-republic-germany/
  5. https://mcalvanyweeklycommentary.com/wp-content/uploads/ica2020-0325.mp3 Gold mines & refineries send workers home for safety – Where will the new gold come from? Bonds are telling us that the system is cracking apart https://goldswitzerland.com/swiss-gold-refiners-cease-production-end-of-paper-market/ SWISS GOLD REFINERS CEASE PRODUCTION – END OF PAPER MARKET The Swiss Canton of Ticino, in the Italian part of Switzerland, has just ordered the gold refiners based there to close, initially to March 29th but this is expected to be extended. Three of the world’s largest refiners – Argor, Valcambi and PAMP are based in Ticino. We are likely to see major pressure on the gold and silver paper market. More later in this article.
  6. We should start seeing Inflation next year. Unlimited Bond Issue met by QE Infinity. There is going to be unlimited toilet paper Chasing limited goods with Coronavirus Affecting productions
  7. Relief rally from over sold condition. Bear market Market Bottom in October? Posted on Monday,
  8. Exactly that is why Gold will do very well and Miners may not...IMHO
  9. Stocks will keep selling off unless the Fed buys unlimited debt All-Star Luke Gromen and Erik discuss: The world is massively short USD and the only way out of this crisis is for the Fed to buy trillions of dollars of debt. Otherwise asset markets will crash. How much is enough? Luke says in theory if the economy shuts down completely, the Fed would have to buy “all” the outstanding debt. That’s $47tn! How is Luke positioned for what’s on the horizon?
  10. Me think Gold stocks won't do good as Real Gold. QE Infinity is here The Federal Reserve just pledged asset purchases with no limit to support markets
  11. It's not to late since Fed is going to buy shit loads of craps. Buy and sell em even higher.
  12. Bottom is long away but there should be a bounce or consolidation first. IMHO.
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