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  1. Going to get real interesting.......to the downside we go ladies.......
  2. Knock knock.......Who is there?.......Elevator.......Elevator who? ........Elevator down.....Position accordingly....
  3. Stairway to heaven looks more like hell well at least for market "participants"
  4. The markets have been trained for so many years that the Fed has its back blindly this has changed for the moment so few have grasped. Liquidity is not in the markets favor leading to the start of asset deflation until this changes Deflation will gain strength. Position accordingly.
  5. 35 years of debt expansion serviced and managed by rates dropping to zero and beyond....Major inflection point favors massive Deflation.
  6. Oh my oh my dipsters not getting the usual treatment after a decade of printing
  7. Looking that way.....But its such a pig a 50-75 buck dive is a nano-second away....
  8. TSLA puts 2.5K for Nov16 305 are looking poor.......downside 2.5K will let it ride at this point and expire upside stock will have to drop below 305 by next Friday to be "in the money" Will buy another 2.5K of TSLA puts next week....
  9. How about that massive distribution peaked yesterday right on cue, gaps to the downside are again absolutely breathtaking trade accordingly..... Long TZA@10.85 average Long UVXY@54.00 average
  10. Massive distribution from last month the air gaps below are breathtaking hold on to your collective arses
  11. How is that even remotely possible in these United "Free Market" States ?
  12. As a not so gentle reminder the forces that has driven so called markets to heights beyond our wildest imagination are now working to drive these markets to levels so low even Satan will be saying "Welcome"....... Position accordingly.......Long TZA added back Long UVXY@59.11
  13. sold UVXY@60.00 for a whopping +0.25

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