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  1. Doc well I am with you and have put some beans with SPY puts Sep 270 along with TZA holding......
  2. Been doing this one for a decade and when I look at the record slight profit with the buy average down and wait for the once in a blue moon pop and sell.......Is one POS and again would not recommend it to anyone....TZA is different and does pretty much follow the 3x rule with little decay.....Been so difficult to be short for a decade regardless of what market POS one chooses.....
  3. Well the past 4 days approaching 150 SPY run has financially not been good. [email protected] down close to 10.00 not to mention UVXY holding from 40.00 hit 42.00 (did not sell) only to 35.00 now Ouch! On the bright side I am learning to integrate the pain into a mild pleasure ....... Doc final final or just a bump to infinity?
  4. Doc might be the final final took back a position in [email protected] (my 10.47 limit hit a few days back went to 11.33 now 10.20!).....
  5. Great call added to [email protected] looking for 10.45-10.65 range to sell. Took a small option short BYND: 5 puts contracts Jun21 strike 70 got in a bit early @6.50 looking for 10.00
  6. Doc you nailed the intra-day call from last night SPY tagged 2814 plus/minus for a 40 point oh what the heck ramp....made a few beans thanks.....
  7. Doc took a queue from you yesterday sold TZA @9.95 had a limit of 10.11 able to buy back same position here @9.55 Its these trades that carry a bear side into profit over the rein of QE.....thank you
  8. Remarkable for the n-cubed time......fyi anyone who cares sold [email protected] average last week for a -2.00 on the 3 month trade...When it touched 31.00 I set a 20% move north as a target and sure enough hit and wen WAY pass hitting 46.50 this week...wow......on the plus side long [email protected] again a mult-month trade....oh Just bought 1/2 position of [email protected] for 40.11 this afternoon....
  9. Thanks much Doc your work is appreciated greatly....fyi check your Easter egg there is something in it from the Easter Bunny .......
  10. Doc I miss your smart money articles.....Low profile these days what says liquidity at this point?.....Holding short with long term UVXY @42.00 not looking good of course.....
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