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  1. Why the uptick in post? FYI the reason mes plays with the horsesh*t index like UVXY is while yes mes has to endure 95% of the time pain but 5% of the time is so financially pleasurable that it washes away a decade of treason......From just the past 2 days went from negative 20% decade return to positive 15%......Thank you criminals of the CBs.....But more thanks to Doc/Madness/rest of the clowns on the board for critical insight and timely trades...... Back in long more TZA average sits right @10.75 will hold until we get the next shocking drop......
  2. Well well the POS UVXY that mes been holding for many months finally popped above break even and what did I do you so eagerly inquire.....I sold UVXY@46.55 for a whopping +0.50 for a 4 month average down downward spiral...... Still holding TZA@12.00 average and SQQQ@14.00 average from moons ago......
  3. Me not as long as the many others been keeping an eye for over 14 years....past 10 been beyond frustrating boarding on amazing with stocks like Amazingon trading like a roulette wheel inflated beyond inflated.......Doc spot on for a decade your current analysis is rooting in pure liquidity and will prove to be correct squared....
  4. Doc my concern with Gold/Silver although looking very good for a trade is the unseen massive deflationary black hole. Me thinks we are at the event horizon with every CB trying to inflate/escape the "natural" forces. "Natural" is in fact "un-Natural" as the very black hole has been CB-made. As the CB use unconventional methods to escape they unwittingly are adding more strength to the very black hole they created. The US CB sort of kind of sees the black hole as they accelerate QT? Big circle jerk.....Reserve currency will ironically strengthen all others will weaken with Gold/Silver swimming upstream....Hopefully tread water and ultimately decoupling and breaking away but not until......crushing event to commence in 3...2...1......
  5. Money borrowing in the form of reserve is deflationary,......Rate of money borrowing escaping deflationary forces the current grand global experiment.....At the minimum criminal......
  6. Decade long party keeps rolling despite what looks like a liquidity nightmare......more amazing each turn........market using the term very loosely sense is for a massive sell event.....
  7. I will infinity average down in that case......Long UVXY@10.00 not good as control is palpable......Will continue until it won't .....Triggers seem out of reach until they are not......
  8. Doc can you determine if the absorption was new margin debt, rotation, other sources, any sources......seems very strange that the market stock melt-up continues directly in contrast.....dark money program at work .......
  9. The analysis you have done has been proven time and time again the record is clear. The above additional data supports the current market mania as the market has absorbed the liquidity to its favor. Markets *should* roll over hard in 3.....2......1.......
  10. Candle nailed this one not sure he/she is actually capitalizing but makes the few remaining folks shorts (me) look like absolute fools. Countless blow off tops time and time over a decade makes one wonder about dark money not accounted for in liquidity analysis nothing would surprise me to find that the published numbers are just that and do not represent dark money system between CB that has these markets beyond even bubble territory......Tin hat crap aside I can see the headlines "CB for the better of all World banks and financial stability installed a dark monetary system a decade ago where zero cost of fiat exchanges"..... Doc we need to turn and turn sharply soon or we need to start turning over rocks where these sociopaths live....
  11. This is why you are the expert almost have to agree with this call ......
  12. Doc much appreciated....now stocks are relentless continuing to move in what on paper looks like less paper.....Makes one question the published black and white numbers replaced with covert infinite instant paper for stocks in particular no matter what.....Nothing would surprise in what are desperate times to keep stocks levitating at or over ATH constantly.......
  13. Doc its over liquidity analysis will finally take a strangle hold on a day like today who would make such an crazy statement ........ Doc using today to liquidate remaining long RSU.......A gift a true gift thank you worlds CB for your decade long treason which I am sure our we will all be on the hook....

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