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  1. Thanks much Doc your work is appreciated greatly....fyi check your Easter egg there is something in it from the Easter Bunny .......
  2. Doc I miss your smart money articles.....Low profile these days what says liquidity at this point?.....Holding short with long term UVXY @42.00 not looking good of course.....
  3. Yes and that is the frustration mes not waiting and being more patient. Not on anyone but me. Liquidity is out of line with these levels something has to give and give in a big way. CB decide to simply switch to printing to infinite then new era of insanity. CB do and follow through on planed draining then the drop and fall will be equally dramatic.
  4. WFT doc.......I mean WFT doc!.......25% entire market moves in less than 6 weeks!.....I went back short about 12.5% into the move thinking mes smart....How smart is me now?.......Liquidity is yelling wrong direction but WTF!
  5. Short TZA@12.75 and a bit of UVXY@58.00....Trades this year approaching zero.......This famous quote comes to mind "Blow me".........
  6. Sold 1/2 position in UGAZ @42.00 for a +3.50....... Added TZA@14.10.....average down to @14.75......
  7. Started back short: Long TZA @15.50 Long Natural Gas through UGAZ@39.00
  8. Sold SPY Calls JAN19 252 @2.20 average was @3.20 for a minus -1 (25 calls -2.5K) Long UVXY here @83.50 there is a huge backwardation gap from current VIX 32 and futures 24.50, Very few times has this trade been setup like this with limited downside and explosive upside. In general not for the faint of heart.
  9. Thanks Sandy....picked these up when SPY was north of 265 and added up to the last 280 and now barely holding 250...Went long here for a bounce but may not get it...
  10. Filled 20 SPY puts Jan18 260 at 11.50 for a +8.00 average. Big positive Went long SPY calls Jan18 260 @2.20 only 10 of them. Downside "only" 2.2k looking for sell @4.20 but might if we get a bounce sell earlier the way this is performing.
  11. SPY puts down big early to break even as mes type......... These are a bit aggressive with a downside of 12.5K and upside targets of 50K Risk/Reward here favorable at this point this is preferable to straight out market leveraged shorts (TZA, SQQQ) and the absolute widow maker UVXY. Get short wes are about to take out some significant shitport
  12. Bought 10 puts of SPY @5.50 PUT (SPY) SPDR S&P 500 ETF JAN 18 19 $265 (100 SHS) This adds to the 20 puts of SPY PUT (SPY) SPDR S&P 500 ETF JAN 14 19 $255 (100 SHS) Average @4.00 Both under water one quite a bit under.
  13. Added another 10 @4.00 20 puts @4.40 currently Risk downside 8.8K upside GTC @15.00 which is 30K
  14. Doc bought a lot of 10 of the following SPY option: PUT (SPY) SPDR S&P 500 ETF JAN 14 19 $255 (100 SHS) @4.80 per option Sold UVXY@68.50 for a +13 Sold TZA@13.15 for a +1.65 Flat otherwise first ever SPY option buy. Downside 5K (total loss) Upside wtfknows
  15. Oh no someone has fallen and can't get up.......Short this POS.......Long TZA@10.50 average and holding from weeks back and long UVXY@52.00 average holding these.....
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