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  1. These are opinions, everybody is entitled to one. This is what freedom of speech and thought is! If you want to impose your opinion on people you have to live in a communist or fascist country where everybody has to toe the line and any dissenters are sent to re-education camp. Or you could join a cult. The gun is not the problem, The Florida kid should have been taken to the VA hospital to talk to the PTSD people there every day of the week for a month and then be told to write what is wrong with them, and why he was different from them. If he makes a good account of himself he can come back to school if not he has to be admitted to hospital. Banning assault rifles will not stop the problem, if you banned the guns and subsequently a school massacre was carried out with a 1 ton pick up, those would be banned. Then after the next school massacre with a V8 SUV anything with a V8 engine would be banned etc. At no time will you have addressed the cause of the attacks (mental illness).
  2. I see celebrities are calling on Trump to do something. There is nothing Trump can do, it is up to the family, friends and community of disturbed people to help. This is one of the more extreme cases but the more usual result is someone taking their own life, and after that everyone is saying why did they not ask for help. If they are disturbed they often have paranoia which stops them asking, but people who know them can see something is wrong, if they can't help they need to find someone who can help, usually all it takes is a little time but nowadays nobody has that time to help. I hope the people that expelled him from school really do some soul searching about whether his anti-social behavior was a cry for help or an excuse for them to exercise their power and control in the matter.

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