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  1. The US Government has been partially shut down for 34d 10h 51m 10s. CNN - Government Shutdown The Great Bull Market of 2019 has now lasted for 34d 10h 51m 10s.
  2. Davos Man is currently confused as to why absorbing all of the worldwide wealth and concentrating it into the talented and virtuous hands of Davos Man is apparently not leading to a permanently high plateau for Davos Man.
  3. Well, it would mean something if Davos Man was actually "in charge" of anything at this point. I'm thinking that no one is actually driving the Global Financial Hypereconomy bus.
  4. The only thing that really matters is what Davos Man desires. And Davos Man desires to finally emerge from his chrysalis as the the global super-class, the final stage of financial evolution. Remember the Alamo!
  5. Shoot the pooch! Man the gibbets! All hands, abandon battle-stations!
  6. Wall Street is slipping! We have to panic! Sell! CNBC - DOW IS FALLING! NEGATIVE 300 POINTS! - GLOBAL GROWTH IS SLOWING! Are these headlines and articles all automated now?
  7. I think he means that the economic news will just trigger a wave of bond liquidations and stock purchases. And, since the $50B withdraw is not going to stop anytime soon, and since the deficits are not going to shrink, that will just set up another leg down in the bear market.
  8. I wonder how bear market rallies are going to work with the $50B monthly Fed withdraw coupled with the massive issuance of new treasury debt. Maybe we will just get some trading ranges as we hit various intermediate bottoms.
  9. Trump is going to be left with no choice but to appoint Alan Greenspan into the newly created position of Major General of the Federal Reserve and award him 13 votes on the FOMC. He can do that by executive order, right?
  10. That's just silly. Everyone knows that crashes are mysterious financial events that appear from nowhere.
  11. Looks like an up day. This seems like a relatively well-behaved bear market so far.
  12. I'm very concerned that I will experience significant intermittent interruptions that will interfere with my ability to watch the fed raise interest rates by 0.25% every three months. Is there any alternate tool or website available that has the same functionality so that I can continue to track the fed's actions with respect to interest rates on an hour by hour basis?
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