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  1. Excellent point. The cure in March 2000 took around 3 years. If and when this thing finally blows, does anyone think it will recover that fast?
  2. My wife took me there 10 years ago and told her I wasn’t ever going back to “Scandinavian Hell”.
  3. M. Arouet (@MichaelaArouet) Tweeted: Nice guide for vacation in Europe 👇 Croatia probably offers the best value for money. https://t.co/xKvU2jHlAt
  4. Indeed. I think I hit Nice and Kotor on the same cruise a few years back. Both are jewels.
  5. Heard it and came running at the close. RCA is an apt selection.
  6. William O’Neill’s trained intuition would go, “Fake!”
  7. Stage 4 is as big as Stages 1, 2 and 3 combined. Most rockets are the other way around. Better hope they reach escape velocity.
  8. "More dollars, Scotty!"....."I'm printin' as fast as I can, Sir!"

  9. Bearish Elliott Waver in Disbelief and Denial

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