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  1. Starting to notice more and more Southwest flights in the air on Flightradar24. Challenging the number of Fedex planes now.
  2. Anyone who shared with the world the “Hoof Hearted” video can’t be all bad.
  3. Last line = Igor. Or Eye-gor. WTI hit $11 in 1999 and almost broke the system then. They took Chevron out of the Dow 30 that year, then put it back in 2008 when oil topped $140. Fickle folks.
  4. Walgreen’s was singled out in the Wash Post article you quoted as being in bad shape debt-wise. I remember them being singled out 15 years ago for not having any debt, in the book “Good to Great”.
  5. Survivor is actually pretty good this season. All previous $1 million winners now competing for $2 million. No dummies.
  6. Interesting observation about Fed quietly pulling back. Actually gives me a little hope.
  7. Does this allow banks to start selling off LT bonds and push up 10 and 30 year rates?
  8. Window of opportunity. Will keep it open as long as I can.
  9. No, just a few quick hits along the coast on cruises. Stunning, under-visited places. Enjoy! PS great video!
  10. Was very nice in late summer. Steps up the old city wall got a little narrow at the top.
  11. "More dollars, Scotty!"....."I'm printin' as fast as I can, Sir!"

  12. Bearish Elliott Waver in Disbelief and Denial

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