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  1. Good stuff. “Million Dollar Listing” is fun to watch, so was “Flip This House” in the last boom.
  2. Reminds me of those wobbling saucers just before they crashed in “Earth vs. Flying Saucers” 50’s movie.
  3. I believe the 50% retracement is around 2,666.
  4. I remember after surgery you said, “Something blessed me”.
  5. Crushing deflationary gravity at this point of no return very unfortunately is the fate....Destruction for me and 99.999% of us...This ain't doom and gloom just a fact and me's trying to setup a decent hedge which will somewhat act as a financial buffer... Even if this was played perfectly, a lot of the enjoyable things to spend winnings on would be gone.
  6. Go to Bucky if you’re slow or unlucky.
  7. Looks very plausible. Are we just going to copy and paste from 1929 this year?
  8. Noticed it’s babsonbreak’s birthday today. Only 8 posts but a terrific name for the times. Happy Birthday!
  9. Some highly respected folks are showing up, saying "something really don't feel right".

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