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  1. 3 hours ago, fxfox said:

    Consensus for NFP tomorrow is that it will virtually „crash“ from 372k to 250k.

    If it comes in better, we will now say „then they gonna sell because of fear of tight FED“. But they could also promote the narrativ that the FED lies and won‘t be as tight as it said… Fact is, there was more liqui than we thought since June bottom. Where did it come from? No one knows. 

    It never stopped......and it never will......

  2. I have an "uncle Frank" , who just passed and was on his death bed for 5 year (no shit) GM insurance from the 60's

    his wife, is now in hospital and "failing", she also has/had 10+ problems(morbid)

    according to US health care (GM insurance)

    They now say she wil not make it a week....but they they will keep trying.

    They are/were both 85+

    Lets all now talk about health/health insurance  US specific

  3. Inflation Does Not Matter to FED members........(you have seen it by now)

    Now let us all talk about that "tight" "tight condicktions" Condisations "Inflation" Et Al QE QT

    ECB saying 0% is the tight and brutal juice........

    Good thing EPL starts this week....Ronaldo(300K salary- A WEEK) says he is/wants out  (pawner)

    who wants that kinda grift? Every US congress and EU Criminal


    Jam Job.JPG

  4. You Fargin Iceholes....Made me buy My AAPL back (Hedged my britches)

    Buy_write 125 Nov.......1 call (100 Shiets)....

    I feel soiled..........

    >: Looking to spend the "premium" like a "SF Central Banker"

    >:: In the day, I would Load UP on Div stocks, that is not want CB Ponzi is about....

    >::: So which crypto is the Dividend Kings of the New World Order??????

    Wells, Hux, Aismov, Et Al...... did not tell US.........

    >:::: Asking for Bismillah?

  5. Schwab Logo Here


    Stay alert for investment scams involving cryptocurrency

    At Schwab, we’re committed to helping you protect your assets. One way we do that is by raising awareness of the increase in fraudulent investment schemes (“scams”) involving cryptocurrencies and digital assets. While investing involves taking some risks, being scammed shouldn’t be one of them.

  6. 20 minutes ago, fxfox said:

    Watch Buttcoin and ARKK47 for liqui clues. 

    Charles "Chuck" Schwab it starting a Crypto ETF........

    the world needs more ETF's and Fraudexes.......(and Soylent)


    Sol Roth: There was a world once, you punk.

    Detective Thorn: Yes, so you keep telling me.

    Sol Roth: Aw, nuts. People were always rotten. But the world was beautiful.

    Detective Thorn: Soylent Green is people!

  7. How is AMZN Bullish......Not a damn thing matters......

    —Amazon on Thursday reported its second-consecutive quarterly loss but its revenue topped Wall Street expectations, sending its stock sharply higher.

    posting a net loss of $2.0 billion in the second quarter, or 20 cents per diluted share, compared with net income of $8.1 billion, or $15.79 per diluted share, in first quarter 2021


    >: Again, lets talk about that QT and or World-Wide "Tight-Money" "Tight-Liquidity"

    >:: AAPL beat(s) everything...again, "recession" "tight money".........really

    Who For?

    >::: 'Inflation Reduction Act'....End of Story........


  8. 12 minutes ago, fxfox said:

    Apple beats.

    they still have a lot of buy-backs to go........

    They actually may print as much money as the CB's.......  /s

    I f'd myself letting my calls go at 140......should have just assumed it all goes

    higher regardless of anything.....

    >: Is this a bear mkt rally?......Do Bear mkts only last months now?

    kinda seems that indexes are now a handful of meaningful stocks........

    and is that the "ETF" effect....ie....the money always goes to the top "Math"

    >:: 4k did not stand a Feckin' chance.........(and the Bad news made it)

  9. White House Confirms 'Fed Pivot'....HA HA HA.....

    But as usual......

    Someone in the NDX is living right...........AMZN +11 % After Life.......

    or for the layman........Nothing to see here, move along.....(or is that ALGO along)

    >: And to think MSFT may have missed went up $25

    >:: AGAIN, are you sure there is QT(world-wide)........looks like CTRL+P

    >::: The Majors are all back at and/or above the Mar-APR "lines"

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