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  1. I really wonder if ETF selling could turn it all to shambles at some point......
  2. EOD = LOD and right @ 2750 I sitting here standing beside myself....... Thanks Harry and the HOP wraith
  3. All Green...... to F'in easy..........again...... lets see the wrath (wraith) of the Hour of Power
  4. and saved again (right at 2760)........Shazam! >: that +10 button never fails to amaze >:: +100 button for the sow fraudex
  5. A Blind acorn finds a squirrel every now and then SPX still around the pivot/fulcrum
  6. another dip....another stick it save look at those tails
  7. and back to the top of the channel >: fraudexes consolidating to even for the day.......how quant
  8. so the SPX ends close to where they over-nighted the fruadexes....... how quaint......or is that quant....... >: by the end of the day, all it really took was AAPL (+7.66)........ and Wink-wink Nudge-nudge........Flo-Bot for +40
  9. Flo-Bot Friday.......... Thursday did not happen/right back to yesterday's open Someone called a "Do Over" or maybe it is just Magic (especially with the FANG+)
  10. all it took was to crank up AAPL 5 bucks in 15 minutes
  11. Sell the fraudexes..... But buy the Smoke (MO, PM) ? >: when was the last (un) official Margarine Call ?
  12. Could be even more interesting over the weekend........ US Bond Market closed Monday Oct. 8 (Columbus Day)
  13. They just keep the vertical rolling..... Gotta love my brokers and their marketing

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