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  1. Tuesdays Gone with the Wind or Afternoon Delight >: any hope for the Hour of Power >::fuhgetaboutit...it is too easy for them
  2. just like the old days.....er......Full QE days...... the check mark pattern on the fraudexes
  3. On the hour buying....and a new daily high...... how cute......
  4. someone in the FED basement is working hard (harder than usual) ?
  5. Cannot get a quote at Schwab Too many CB machines buying right now....... 2750 magically saved......again....with the +20 buy button >: everything green in the blink of an eye/stroke of a "basement" keyboard >:: so that is how you ramp it, shut people out (happened last week too at Schwab, during one of those magical hours)
  6. The central banks have not only created a mass Stockholm Syndrome of and for the masses...... they also have created some sort of Veblen Effect in assets (the everything Bubble). Onward with Flo-Bot Friday
  7. Too many people think that this is normal..... ie.... Just Buy The Dip 2800 Protected Again, by the Magic
  8. Slam the open higher, Thursday did not happen Another magical "do over"
  9. So we are right back to Monday........ Tuesday's Gone with the Wind
  10. and back to that magical and well protected 2800
  11. and back to 2800 ramp led by the banksters
  12. maybe TSLA can fleece some other ne'er-do-well's with an electric winnebago ........😀 🤑 😯
  13. Touring the country in a Winnebago, with out a care in the world sounds like an awesome way to spends ones time.....

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