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  1. After Hours is another FANG+ lovefest AMZN +25 has NFLX ever missed "expectations" ? has anyone missed this quarter (that matters) >: E. Musk $20M fine (TSLA +6.55%) >:: IBM -6 in the After Life
  2. or any other "dip" the last Decade or better yet, the CB miracle's of 2015-2016 >: that +10 buy button is another modern day miracle they were working very hard today in that "special basement" >:: NASDAQ +30 (15 minutes into the after life) that laughter you heard all day long in the background was actually Elon Musk, et al. >::: NASDAQ futures add +100 in the last 1.5 hours of trading ending @ 4:15
  3. look at that chart of the RUT fruadex...... "captured" It was a miracle that yesterday ended at the LOD... today.....business as usual, ending at the HOD with buying at any cost....(all day long)
  4. 9 hours of buying on the ES...... 2750 was defended to the death (of the bears)..... this playbook has been working for almost a Decade no need to change now
  5. and another stick save even after what looked like a reversal candle on the ES >: just walking it higher
  6. and another magical "Do Over" >: any chance they are gonna let it slip it away again.....
  7. I really wonder if ETF selling could turn it all to shambles at some point......
  8. EOD = LOD and right @ 2750 I sitting here standing beside myself....... Thanks Harry and the HOP wraith
  9. All Green...... to F'in easy..........again...... lets see the wrath (wraith) of the Hour of Power
  10. and saved again (right at 2760)........Shazam! >: that +10 button never fails to amaze >:: +100 button for the sow fraudex
  11. A Blind acorn finds a squirrel every now and then SPX still around the pivot/fulcrum
  12. another dip....another stick it save look at those tails

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