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  1. SPX 2900 will be defended at all cost just like 2800 2700 2600
  2. So they cram the SPX up to 2890 and then it sits there the rest of the day What a Crock.......
  3. Looks like my Buy-write on HRL 36 Sept. from last month is going to be taken out buy a mile HRL (41.80) I guess "Uncle Warren" is buying out that company, too......
  4. Just Jam Job those FANGs higher is all it takes (someone is buying it higher and higher) >: A market drop/crash on 911..........get real...... >:: even oil feeling the "love", Gold and Silver......not so much >::: look at those Algos pushing AAPL even gold back to 1200 (Dow 26K too)
  5. and another day....... and more instant morning magic
  6. So Much for that dip........ 2900 SPX will be protected just like 2800 2700 2600
  7. Nothing says/promotes Labor Day Holiday 110 AF like All time highs in the fraudexes
  8. Maybe they should try enriching the product with Diazinon and Dursban, for the full Effect.....Both are Gluten Free
  9. The Fraudexes rebound Silver and Gold not so much........ Just another example of "The Suits vs. The Dungarees" >: SMCI, Schwab has them (H)....failure to comply with listing standards
  10. Flo-Bot Monday....... She worked hard last Thursday and Friday, too (after the FED-Speak Wednesday......) Gotta Fill That Gap
  11. 2800 saved again....... morning LOD -> HOD again A Trillion here, A Trillion there >: and a long tail on the chart(s)
  12. like to see it end the day at 1666 or less....... in honor of Shorty

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