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  1. Will the central banks be right, they define the Market...... >: an old article during the original QE, now we have Infinite QE + https://finance.yahoo.com/news/the-fed-caused-93--of-the-entire-stock-market-s-move-since-2008--analysis-194426366.html
  2. It is Defining the term "market" as it applies today....
  3. The new Fashion Trend.......Wear one with a big skidmark and get social distancing instantly. Klara Sjöberg
  4. http://www.pretzelcharts.com/ This person used to post here if I am not mistaken. Here is the ETF Chart(s) I use because of the increments in $5..... I am trying to keep it simple, and it still mind blowing...Good Luck from TX.
  5. Did the Fed Buy Time, or Buy Catastrophe? 3/30/20 YES and today is bought at all cost......EOQ 2600 or Bust >: "This Is Not The Time To Worry About Moral Hazard", as said by a Criminal Cartel Member/Heavy
  6. The Stool Saturday Night Weekend Concert presents........ Chicago - 07/21/70 - Tanglewood, MA Personnel: Robert Lamm - keyboards, lead vocals Terry Kath - guitar, lead vocals Peter Cetera - bass, lead vocals James Pankow - trombone, percussion Lee Loughnane - trumpet, percussio, background vocals Walter Parazaider - woodwinds, percussion, background vocals Daniel Seraphine - drums Bill Graham Closing Announcements
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