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  1. Penthouse apartment.......Doc is moving on up..... You live next to the Jeffersons? 😀
  2. I will look for someone who is in the stands, giving an informed lecture on QE and Treasury bill supply..........😇
  3. I will watch the game on the internet and try to find you in the stands........⚽ 🤣 🔎
  4. Jam that close, remember, US holiday weekend coming >: Part of the country underwater, other part burning to the ground...... ALL GOOD.....up next......Flo-Bot Friday
  5. you mean Like AAPL, just killing me (covered calls way too low)
  6. Transfer Deadline is over for European Football ⚽ Bullish Even PSG does not give a damn about $$$$$ it is something different to them............
  7. Sell them, they get em' for free......or is Mel Gibson "Air America" selling em' “Down here at Crazy Gene's Used Airplanes, people think we're out of our minds since we slashed the prices on our used C-123's!”
  8. Its really good to be Bullish in "Big Tech FAANGrowth" (Schg) v Dividend Stocks (Schd)
  9. So we have the Monday Jam Job The End of Month Jam Job and the US holiday weekend Jam Job........ Nothing to see here, move a long.......
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