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  1. since the drop nothing but the Bots (Flo-Pivot-Santa) All Green is all that is left for the weekend
  2. This is the play and then the the goal that won the game for Japan and Punted Germany OUT....... VAR said the ball is in play......
  3. MZA - Crazy Nights (In english) , they sang in Japanese before this album..... https://youtu.be/MVKQ4I-ipMw?t=1729
  4. they got the message, and another goal in OT/ET but does not put them thru
  5. That is insane.......plenty of time, but that is close.... >: Germany with a goal.....a lot of time and possibilities >:: Costa Rica with the vaunted 5-4-1 and shite for goal differential
  6. Almost two........ Missed it (out of bounds) by that much >: But it counts by a hair of VAR
  7. Follow the "Liquidity"....I m trying to find the lady who Twitted this (Ann Lynd?) Is this really accurate as an indicator? Is it QE Light / passive QE / Ghost QE / RRP-QE It does seem to coincide with the CS / UK pension "crisis"
  8. Which hat will you be eating, Tyrolean, Bavarian, Alpine or Sombrero.......? 😀 seems they are always out to save the world, from themselves and their friends......
  9. how many more fed pivot moves do we get until it's finally priced in?
  10. here comes another xx80 (another SPX +100 day) they can do it at will.......nothing changed (maybe a little FAKE tough talk)
  11. Watching TNX the last month and Moving forward, regardless of "inflation"....... 1) bond holders are willing to eat massive losses in real terms. 2) the fed is going back to zero interest rates so bond values go up massively. >: what has history taught Homey the Clown.....
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