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  1. WSJ says the FED is done raising rates after Dec. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-12-06/stocks-blast-higher-wsj-report-fed-may-signal-wait-and-see-approach Buying in US indexes started when EU closed
  2. Look at those Puppy Big Dog Tails on the daily charts
  3. I wonder why it gets me worked up sometimes.... I do not trade the main indexes.... I am more income type trading.....(bonds, Reits, and what used to be div. stocks) I will however, take full responsibility/credit for using "Magical Mystery" before CNBC using "mysterious" this morning.....😛
  4. and yet another Magical Mystery +20 Jam >: gotta close it above 2650 rain or shine
  5. SPX 2620 was what was defended last time...... and so it is again..... 2666 was high today.......🤬 >: There is the Magical Mystery vertical higher........(2640 defended) that has been the short term bullish signal for the past month
  6. I guess no one wants to be in the Marquet (French, right?) when it is closed tomorrow......
  7. Did you bring a production crew with you........🤩
  8. 2780 Fully Protected........ Easy P Ms Russell actually went Red but there was no way in hell they were letting that stick.......... US Bonds being bought like crazy too.....Go Figure.....
  9. SPX 2780 is the line to protect........ >: Amazing, right at NOON it all turned backed higher......Easy P
  10. and 2740 fully protected again, with the Magical Mystery Jam Higher...... can't have the fraudexes red for the last day of the month
  11. Painting the End of Month for the fraudexes. they would not do that.... would they.....💩

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