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  1. Looks like some FANG buying..... >: and back to opening bell.....Do Over...... Plenty of GE bonds available........ >:: Those 2-5 minute Jams Higher gonna make it all green...... 2640 defended with the Magical Mystery.......up to 2666
  2. Working on the Grocery List and the Turkey right now......😀
  3. Looks like spx 2640 is the Maginot line that also puts the Dow at (~) -500 for the day.....
  4. Yeah, gotta make sure for Christmas, that Little TIny Timmy gets his GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip........😀
  5. And another Magical Mystery Pump Jack that really is a lot of them, here recently
  6. Trump-China (again) ? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-16/trump-china-comments-spark-algo-buying-panic
  7. On Friday...... Que up the Steely Dan? 😗 >: SO much for that.....someone got that tap on the shoulder and the "man is wise"
  8. The First of many to come, TBTF articles (GE, et al.) https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-15/heres-why-pge-which-was-just-downgraded-moodys-soaring-after-hours
  9. ahoy ? or maybe it's time to (For the Markets) Batten down the hatches........😀 Have a fun and save journey.......
  10. And The Magical Mystery Buyer shows up at the End of Day Friday......... nothing to see here.....move along, again....... >: and another magical "do over" after the opening bell
  11. So they managed to protect 2800 and Slap the indexes higher right at the close..... All in honor of that legendary sports writer "Slap" Maxwell
  12. like i said last week, it seems the bulls get as many downs as they want and never have to punt........ and the Zebras are on the take
  13. 5 days and another "Bear Market" down the crapper
  14. I guess the only losers today are the extinct bears and those who last name is Sessions.......... Pete lost and Jeff quit.....or is it all winning some how?
  15. someone hit that BUY button again and BOOM = HOD ah, 2800 back to the scene of the crime 2820 is the final hurdle for the Magical Mystery the rest is Fin Fatale >: like the past 9 years, way too easy in a very short period of time

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