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  1. A man is walking through New York's Chinatown when he stumbles into a tiny ancient antique shop in a deserted alley. There he sees a beautifully engraved small brass rat statue. He asks the old chinese proprietor how much does it cost? The storekeeper says "It costs $50 without it's story, and $500 with the story, but you really want to hear the story". The man says "nevermind the story- I'll take it for $50." The chinese shopkeeper shakes his head gravely:" You really don't want this item without the story-let this be a warning..". The man insists he doesn't want the story, the clerk wraps it up, and he leaves the store with his new prize and starts walking home. As he's walking, he notices rats starting to follow him.... every block, more and more rats. Until soon thousands and thousands of rats are behind him- as far as the eye can see... waves and waves of rats- moving toward him faster and faster. He spots a large bridge ahead of him over water. Running as fast as he can, he runs onto the bridge, and just before the million rats are about to overtake him, he flings the brass rat statue over the side. The rats jump over the side of the bridge also, following the statue and drown in the cold water. The man walks back to Chinatown, finds the antique shop, and goes back inside. The ancient proprietor appears behind him and gently asks;"Would you like to hear the story now?" "No.", the man replies. "I want to know if you have a brass lawyer."
  2. BTW: If you've ever had a s, you can imagine that a Ten S Event is truly an life-changing experience.
  3. Did you notice Walmart didn't mention per-store sales for stores open more than a year? THAT is the benchmark- not parading around a big impressive number. 1.4 billion bucks sounds like a lot, but there are over 3000 stores- giving only about $500K average per store gross on the busiest day of the year. And as Jorma noted, there is no mention of profit anywhere in the article. I'm not impressed, but we'll see on Monday if investors are.
  4. I still haven't quite figured out how these PM's work. I'm currently holding a few: GG, DROOY, HGMCY, AEM. Sometimes they go UP if the price of gold goes up, sometimes they go down if the price of gold goes up. And visa versa. Some rise when the market goes up, some fall. I can't really get a feeling for the patterns. What I HAVE learned is that if I use a stop, I will be stopped out, the price will go right back up to where it was, and I feel like a jackass- it's happened more than once. So... for now, no more stops. Then again, if they go down and don't come back up again, I'm screwed. Regardless, I'm holding for the long term and if I lose my money, it won't be the first time. The only other alternative is physical gold that I pay a hefty commission for, can't put in a safety deposit box (as per Merciless) and will likely have my cleaning lady retiring in Cabo San Lucas. I'm open for enlightenment.
  5. Just wanted to see if my avatar loaded
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