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  1. all this fear about another wave of COVID is okay with me i'm all for tearing the whole thing down and starting over but..... sometimes you have to stop watching and listening and just think for a bit this is coronavirus, it causes the "common cold", it spreads easier than anything, so everybody has probably already been exposed. the number of "cases" is rising, well more people are being tested the cdc protocol is COVID positive if test shows a antibody that antibody could be there because of COVID, Coronavirus, Rhinovirus, influenza, bacterial infection almost
  2. that seems a bit optimistic to me how about june 1176/1861/1930 we survived those but in a somewhat different form i don't think it was easy
  3. thanks doc it's very difficult i was in a similar situation in feb/mar and sold 'em for a 50k profit and never looked back. my son works with me now and always looks back. i try to tell him looking back never helps. .... he says i would have had a 1.15mm dollar profit if i had held them all. see, looking back never helps
  4. kinda crazy that i own over 400 puts on different stocks and i'm not even smilin' - too much goin on 25 on MA yesterday - triple/quadruple in a day
  5. tnx fxfox and jimmy strange energies from space driving a lot of people crazy i was already there
  6. Gold hit a new high this morning And Day Tryed To Whackamole it but it don't work
  7. it's kinda funny i've been here since '09 and '03 before that i think i really don't agree with a lot of things posted here but i try to keep my posts to just market related stuff i really wonder why i stay i'd be willing to leave if you all thought that was a good idea
  8. i'm not sure i understand. what country do you want to go to that will not allow you to?
  9. mostamyphysicalwas240to420 goldsilverstocks>2mil investingingoldsince2001 tryititsfun
  10. didday lous cntrol of da goldprice? evryding gonna changah
  11. riche ere riche now last chance to sell check your calendar it's April 1930
  12. da bulls had such a nice lookin setup and it's gone
  13. do you know what the capital gain on a 30 year bond is if rates go to minus 1?
  14. JAY - you're losing it in every sense of the word
  15. well one this is for sure, you can't call these stock "markets" boring
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