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  1. I'd like it if people could be a little clearer when being facetious, I'm having a hard time telling when some people are trying to be funny
  2. Some posts entertainment value almost make up for their lack of investment decision material.
  3. Seems to be a lot of inexperienced bulls just about everywhere. Does learning important lessons always have to be so painful?
  4. Doc, could you please time and date my previous post for the archives? It's been a long ten years
  5. Spx gap from January filled Finally! Time for da clapse
  6. Do we really have to go back and fill that gap to 2852?
  7. Seems to me the spx should have moved up to close the gap at 2852 but this pos market couldn't even do that
  8. Maybe it's all designed to drive you absolutely bat-$#!? crazy. It's working for me.
  9. Time for a trip to gap 2765-2771. Then..........
  10. Still have gap up to 2852 from January Would hate to have to fill that too before this pos market clapses

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