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  1. That's why you have to zoom out. Just stick to that what you said as one of the first back in March: That the probability that we get some kind of inflation above the norm (I want to avoid the term "hyperinflation" here since it is historically overloaded with reminders about German multi 1000% inflation figures in the 1920s) is quite here and that it will show up in stock prices.
  2. SiP, expecting both moves - NDX further up and EUR/USD down somewhat - starting when they come back from The Hamptons.
  3. AUD/USD has also a very nice monthly chart setup. Massive pos divs in MACD, sitting at EMA 50 and downtrendline. AUD should perform very well if Gold advances much more.
  4. Good to get confirmation from your stuff. I share that view. Given that MASSIVE congestion area around 1.25 I am quite sure that EUR/USD will virtually explode to the upside once that level is cleared. That 1.25 is like a watershed.
  5. Really? That‘s awesome Doc! 😎✌🏻 One of my favourite tracks:
  6. Linda Bradford Raschke? 🧐😇😂 Your friend obviously lost her touch, she lost „the flow“, her „trading brain“ so to say is damaged by external interference. To „only“ make predictions is like paper trading. I have much respect for the hard work of some market forcasters, but trading your account, where you not only gave gambling money, but most of your net worth, is the real arbiter. THEN you really get to know what the market is, how he effs everyone, how your freak out cause you can‘t accept certain moves... euphoria, depression, regret, manic depression... all within one single week.
  7. That‘s correct, but I have the feeling, that Biden will not win on own strenght, but only the majority doesn‘t want Trump anymore. Hopefully that will last into the election, but I have doubts. These days the tide can turn quite quickly. Four more years and Trump will destroy the whole world order.
  8. Bills wife was also way ahead. That doesn‘t count much these days anymore. Trumps mobsters will pump stocks and that‘s why he will win. Aming other reasons like gerrymendering and such.
  9. What they gonna do with it??? They gonna make Trump win the election, that‘s what they gonna do with it. If the markets are up into the election he will win. How can the Denocrats be so insane and nominate Biden??? I mean that even looks like as if the criteria was „ok fellow Democrats, who is our weakest guy?“ I mean sorry, but Biden is even weaker than Carter and that‘s really hard to achieve. If you wanna defeat Trump you can‘t send Biden into the battle.
  10. Hmm? What will the FED do? Gotta step in or we gonna crash in September.
  11. Doc, I think we are already in the phase you talked about back in March: All out (hyper-)inflation. Everything goes up, some asset classes a bit more than others, but basically everything goes up. Stocks will keep going up too. Apple will hit 1000 by Christmas.
  12. In my view, Gold is not a part of the portfolios of most people. Imagine what happens if there will be a mental shift and most start to add Gold so that they have at least a 5 or 10% exposure to Gold in their portfolio. we may have also the wrong reference: we look at 2000 and say „oh Gold was at 280 then now it is 2000, so it already went up quite a lot“. Let‘s assume that POG in the year was just idiotically low, it almost wasn‘t there as an asset class anymore, NO ONE had Gold. If I remember correctly the POG didn‘t even appear on many tickers in the media. So let‘s say 1000 is a reali
  13. Buying panic and a sign that there are big players who buy hand over fist at any cost. There were 2 psycho barriers, the 2011 ATH and big psycho number 2000. Both broken. So that‘s a complete sentiment switch. Even those who hate Gold gonna buy some now. Don‘t forget: The media hasn‘t really discovered it yet. Gold didnt really get hyped yet. IF it is gonna hyped like Nasdaq stocks - which is not completely unlikely - it will hit 5000 by Christmas.
  14. Think it will one day pay out huge to start putting everyrhing which has to do with travel on your watchlist now. Some of them will even become penny stocks. Some will die, but many will recover. Like those home builders, which were supposed to be dead forever in 2008.. I don‘t say „buy them now“ or „play the double bottom“. I only say „have them on you radar screen“.
  15. I want to see a monthly close of EUR/USD above 1.25, THEN I become a raging USD bear, bot before.
  16. Assholes made a false break in NDX to suckem in.
  17. NDX broke the hourly downtrend, up we go. NDX leads, ES follows. The whole thing is about the NDX. Since years and years. EUR/USD has this downtrend around 1.18, so short term pullback possible. Like I said before congestion area 1.20/1.25 needs to be cleared then it will fly to 1.50/1.60. Right now the early adopters are long EUR/USD. Above 1.25 the whole world will go short USD. One has to play this BIG. Long 1.25 for 1.50. With the whole portfolio. That‘s how you play it. Yöu do not diversify here. You concentrate and go all-in.
  18. For Gold you mean? Would make sense, cause EUR/USD did run into resistance.
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