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  1. The saved money from Mnuchin which wasn‘t put into work yet? They saved it to bomb the market higher via the P. Diddies right in front of the election, correct?
  2. Doc, you are right. I apologize. It was not my intention to offend anyone and yes it is not appropriate to classify banks by the etnicity of their founders. I did write „or gap up 33“ cause that was the year the NSdAP established power. The year of the „Machtergreifung“. It is my deepest believe that - aside a military coop - the only force to prevent Trump from winning is a stock market crash. Who has the power to do that? The banks or the FED itself, but they refuse to do so. But yes I agree: The banks only look after themselves. That‘s why they financed the Nazis too. An
  3. Or gap up 33... 🙄 To make it clear under which rule the US lives from Nov 3 on... I am disappointed about the jewish banks. Goldman simply can‘t do what they do right now. They have the power to virtually kill Trump. But they support him. Goldman alone hat the influence, the relationships and the sophisticated technique to ignite a crash. If they want. But they don‘t. They support Trump.
  4. Their way of „stealing the election“ is by holding the market up till Nov 3. Seems like they advised Goldman to do so. And Goldman delivers. We are at 3390, a iota away from the ATH, every single dip gets bought. That are the FACTS right now. The rest is fiction.
  5. No. It did not. Maybe on your Macau based spread-betting plattform 😂😂😂
  6. Thing will go to the EMA200 hourly, bears get excited, then they gonna lunch the afterburners and kill da bears alive.
  7. The Hamptons vaccationists will decide once they return home.
  8. Hmm, depends on which type of inflation we are talking about and how long it last. Lumber just broke out to new all time highs...
  9. Speaking about stocks during inflation: shouldn‘t Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL) perform well during inflationary periods?
  10. Thanks Doc. I thought that the MBS were missing when I saw the graph. Otherwise it would have meant that tbe market would have run on igs own for the last 3 and a half months, which I can‘t imagine it could sustain.
  11. Seems so, although it is quite often said that banks profit from inflation, but your view is supported by this study here: https://files.stlouisfed.org/files/htdocs/publications/review/86/03/Effects_Mar1986.pdf Reminder: This study is from 1986, so not sure if it is totally valid today.
  12. K-Wave Rider was probably the smartest. A big mess that the board lost him. regarding Sven H.: every chart is a bear flag or bearish wedge for him. He draws wedges where there are none and he does the old school x snd y axis trick and uses lin or log charts not consistantly, when it fits his argument he uses a lin chart like others do when they wanna how phenomenal S&P did since the 70s, instead of using a log chart. and don‘t get me started on his Willshire to GDP ratio chart... that thing is pretty much the same as the Buffet indicator and that one is on a sell since 2013.
  13. But you don‘t have the stats for the old board anymore, right? Can‘t imagine that in 2001-2003 timeframe there wasn‘t a higher number than at March 20 2020. back then the board used to be PACKED like a train station in India. Even in March 2020 there were more or less the same 10-20 hard core stoolheimers here, the board didn‘t really get crowded. My personal indicator is „I am Madness“. As long as he does not appear here I won‘t go short. He is ULTRA smart. I believe he does not appear cause he doesn‘t want to get talked out of his longs. See, if you follow Sven Henrich each day since Ap
  14. Theo Roosevelt? His anti.trust policy? Good stuff, but who should run a new anti-trust policy? Biden??? Let‘s face it: Not even Bernie Sanders would do it.
  15. I agree 100%. There are lots of folks who said that when Apple was at a PE of 17 that it was „ridiciously overpriced“, that were guys with „big names“ in the web or on Twitter. Fact is: At a PE of 17 Apple was a MONSTER bargain. Sales for the Iphone 12 will completely bomb the rooftop away. People forget one thing: Many many folks are in fact PROFITEURS of Corona. The complete upper middle class of every western society profits from Corona. That‘s the typical Apple customer. The money which was saved by not having to commute to work and which was not spent for an expensive vacation will
  16. Once you buy Apple, Amazon or Google stock you are part of a giant tax evasion scheme and of course you profit from it.
  17. So what was the reason for the swoon in the last hour? The McConnell interview on FOX or margin calls in PM‘s, where then players were forced to sell stock to meet margin requirements?
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