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  1. Looks like the Algo‘s are programmed to buy the initial jobless claims number no matter how bad it comes in. Again it came in even worse than expected yet ES goes up.
  2. Yap, today just the other way around. They even made an 5 point or so upside gap from one tick to the next following tick. Priceless! Now they give bears hope again. Possible double top around 2750. Then, tomorrow, they gonna bomb them Into the black hole. They won‘t let it slip into Easter weekend. Never ever.
  3. The problem is that Trump and his cleptocratic entourage want new ATH‘s by October. If there would be a normal President FED would try to establish a range say 2000-2500 or even let it slip to mega support at 1500, but the pressure from Trump is so gigantic I think he would even imprison or shoot Colonel Poopwell. And he has Goldman on his side. When you have Goldman and their network you have the power. 😔
  4. I think the hope for the last bear is that all other bears already gave up. I don‘t have the numbers, but it seems that at least 95% believe that the low is in.
  5. Now we are in phase 2 of the market meltup: They establish trading above the 38 fibo. Yesterday and during the night in ES we got the retest of the breakout.
  6. And not to forget all those „No-go areas“. There are such areas in Europe too and there are also homeless people, but the amount is much less compared to the US. In southern France those folks you speak about are not refugees from the Middle East (only a few), but that are the so called „Maghrebs“. They came decades ago from North Africa, mainly Morocco and Algeria. It is said that Marseille is the Capital of the Magreb. 😂 btw, never mention the French/Algerian war in France. Ou la la, mon dieu! 😂
  7. That‘s cause you checked the ES via your cell phone every few minutes 😂
  8. Was he ever really „in“? Even in 500 years never ever will an European style socialist become President of the USA. Let‘s face it: The Democrats, peceived as center-left in the US, would be perceived as center-right in Europe. Bernie is ok, but has absolutely no chance in the US. In Europe he would be somekind of elder statesman of the Green Party or so.
  9. 2675 now. Nikkei upside bomber squad also working like berserks... They want to create a warm and fuzzy feeling for the Easter weekend. So they gonna park the S&P somewhere between 2750 and 2800.
  10. Looks like it was only a retest of the 38 fibo breakout area, builded a base around 2640, right now at 2660. Couldn‘t find any news what this 15 points down tick was at 3:50 pm EST, that one which you see as a 30 point drop in 1 min chart. Guess a large Hedge Fund exploded or so.
  11. S&P 500 closes in negative territory in worst reversal since 2008 https://www.forexlive.com/news/!/sp-500-closes-in-negative-territory-in-worst-reversal-since-2008-20200407
  12. What was that 2 mins ago? ES hit 2700 from below and then in the next tick it was at circa 2680
  13. Doc, you gotta drink more Slivovitz! We hefta close it below 2640! Drink!!!
  14. It's Slivovitz time, yeah! Doc took the whole bottle!
  15. That's of course true. It is quite easy to predict what would be the outcome of a breakdown of the "imaginary social contract": People would go after minorities. That's what they always do. Every culture did this in the past and would do it again. I would only ask for that they let the air gradually out of the market and not go after new all time highs. Blue collar folks don't have stocks. So they can't directly profit from an artificial market upmove. Maybe they profit indirectly from it, cause maybe they find a new job, which they wouldn't get if they market went down. But after all blue collar is more and more left behind with every new - artificially created - bull run.
  16. My only question is: WHY? Why do they do that, although they know that that much money is not needed. I simply don't understand it. "Cause they are crooks" is not the answer. Ok, they maybe are, but plays no role. I mean don't they simply not get it, don't they understand how the system works?
  17. Mnuchin: We will ask congress for more money. https://www.teletrader.com/mnuchin-we-will-ask-congress-for-more-money/news/details/51786469?ts=1586265141531 How much more? TEN trillion? Or 20? That's an assult and amok run on the future generations. Absolutely catastrophic.
  18. DAX daily look at that yellow area: A down gap which didn't get filled, but price gapped above it? That's an island bottom, right?
  19. Japanese PM Abe declares state of emergency in Tokyo and 6 other prefectures
  20. CB's have to stop this, RIGHT NOW! Or it will end up in a hyperbolic upmove the world has never seen. It will end in an absolute catastrophic capital misallocation.
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