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  1. Question is if this time Gold Stocks will decouple from other equities, means that they would go up with the price of Gold and not down with other stocks. When I look at Barrick the last 20 years, well, not so promissing. Newmont did ok, but not fatastic. The other stuff? Well, most are like buying Pink Sheets in the 70s... Which gold stocks would you recommend?
  2. The final proof for the total idiocy of the current market was yesterday to see in the reaction of the Facebook stock to that horrific newsflow. I mean that shite firm got basically its business modell destroyed, yet the stock went UP.
  3. Their goal is to destroy the bearish looking monthly candle. They have one day left. One day to paint a continuation candle. Since they did destroy every promissing looking besrish setup since March I guess they will succeed.
  4. Absolutely blow the roof away Pending Home Sales number??? Is this made up or what?
  5. This all screams for a coup by the military. But somehow it is not imaginable. If there would be a military coup in the US the western world as we know it would end to exist. And then? What to do with Trump? Send hin to the Caymans forever? And what to do with his entourage? Mnuchin? The other giuys and whatnot. And: WHO is his entourage? Is Goldman a part of it or not? Then what? Imprison rhem? And then there would comes this „oh look, now they go after those jewish bankers! That‘s a facist coup!“ in my view Goldman is the key. THEY are Wall Street. All of it. All those others Morgan Stanley et al are just a sideshow, maybe JPM a bit, but the rest you can ignore. Goldman rules. They can Trump let die. If they want.
  6. I wonder why you felt you are not welcome here? I never noticed that smeone here has any kind of problem with you.
  7. ES 3099 right now, uptrend from June 15 under serious threat now, if it breaks could get a good swoosh since it was tested a few times.
  8. The 20k figure I throw in were meant as a symbol so to say. NDX doubled from Sep 99 to March 2000, although it was already sky high. „20k“ is something like „think the unthinkable“. No one should tell me that back in March of this year, just 3 months, he could imagine that we will have just 3 months later a stock market MANIA. I could have imagined many things back then but definitely not a mania were 16 year olds sit in mum‘s basement and buying „chapter 11 Hertz“, „no turnover Nikola“ and whotnot... Think the unthinkable. That is the lesson I learned the last roughly 20 years. Always be prepared.
  9. Which shows that we are in the blow off phase. Problem with that: It can last longer than you can stay solvent. NDX could go to 20k within rhe next few months. Why not? Happend in 1999/2000 too, back then Nasdaq was already in a bubble since years.... Sven Henrich‘s Market Cap to GDP ratio could even go to 200%, why not? As a food for thaught I want to add regarding that modell: The US stock market is the playing field of the WORLD, so that market cap is in fact GLOBAL so to say. But the GDP is a national figure, the US GDP. If we compare the ratio now to its figure from rhe past we have to ask: Were the inflows from abroad as high as today in percentage terms? If not, the ratio is in my view not really comparable.
  10. Done. Looks like we have the „everything bubble“ today. Gold, Oil, US stocks, International stocks, Bitcoin... all up.
  11. Supreme Court Narrows Power of SEC to Recoup Illegal Gains https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-06-22/supreme-court-narrows-power-of-sec-to-recoup-illegal-gains?__twitter_impression=true
  12. I know. The guy who made the comment knew too.
  13. This is absolutely hilarious! 😂😂😂 ... and that comment too: “And of course, the car has the devil pitchfork to cheer Satan's bookkeepers distorting our financial system for the benefit of the 1%.“ Awesome! 😂😂😂
  14. Watching the Trump rally in Tulsa live on C-Span right now. Sorry to say, but that is basically Nuremberg in the 1930s, just a bit different and shaped for the 2020s. How could it only become that far? It all began with Reagan. Trump is the breed of that goddam b-movie actor.
  15. That‘s exactly how the Goldman trading desk plays it: - Who dies? Mostly (by far) elderly. No problem. - Which social class dies? Poor people. No problem. We will never run out of cheap labor, whole central anerica would come tbe next day if we need them. I am 100% sure that‘s exactly how they think. IF from the beginning of Corona it would have been the case that mostly 25 to 45 year olds die, the FED could have thrown 10 trillion in an instant at the market, it would have never gone up.
  16. The problem with the stock market in general is that there are too many Elliott‘s and not enough Nick‘s:
  17. Powell speaking at 1pm, if he is in only a tiny bit cautious, market could sell off like mad.
  18. S&P below 3100, NDX below 10k, WTI Cruel Earl has closed that gap on the weekly around 40/41...
  19. Very interesting article: How the Coronavirus Will Reshape Architecture https://www.newyorker.com/culture/dept-of-design/how-the-coronavirus-will-reshape-architecture
  20. So there we have it: The first robinhooder committed suicide: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sergeiklebnikov/2020/06/17/20-year-old-robinhood-customer-commits-suicide-after-seeing-a-730000-negative-balance/amp/?__twitter_impression=true that poor soul, my goodness, nobody told him that the underlying shares were just not credited yet 😩
  21. What??? There are sitting more than 2 trillion in dealer accounts which they can pump into the market any time they want out of thin air???
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