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  1. We also could say that it was simply a fight bull vs bears about who wants to go long into October and that in a election year. Given that the bulls did ok, cause they prevented market from falling a lot today, which would have been pretty normal on a Sep 30 right in front of ab election. I only look at ES. The overnight low was 3301. Look where cash closed. Nothing bearish to see. They will use the 1.6 Trill. They will do this rechnically good, cause they are advised by hard core pros (Goldman, JPM and wotnot). They will win the election, if we like that or not. Market will not collapse in October and that‘s gonna seal the deal for Trump. Don‘t read too much into the polls. Social science knows since decades that voters of radical parties or persons don‘t tell their true intention when asked. The vote for Trump will be higher than the polls show right now.
  2. Market today trades like on a tripple witching OpEx day. Weird.
  3. If this bull rampage goes on st this pace I gonna post the Soccer Bowl 80 ABC half time show
  4. The breakdown area was 3320/25, that is the congestion zone. Bulls have to clear that, otherwise bears are in control.
  5. ES at the EMA200 hourly now, 3305, also represents former hourly swing lows from earlier in the month.
  6. Goldman says „the time is ripe for Gold and Silver“. Dem gotta unload inventory. Sell everything.
  7. We go to the 2 hunnert daily by next Tuesday and then they gonna throw those 1.6 Trillion into the market.
  8. No, you shouldn’t have. He is a good guy. Has sometimes a few problems with the language (like myself 😂) that‘s why he choose the nick „JP6“ although I think he had „J6P“ (Joe Six Pack) in mind. Or he is French: Joel Paque Le Sixieme. 😂😂😂
  9. 3265 now. Am I shocked? No. Am I surprised? Yes. A bit.
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