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  1. NDX up roughly 30% since Dec low. A 30% move within 3 months??? In the past we have seen something like that only at major lows, right? inverted yield curve right now. Interesting. Wonder if the CB‘s will bomb that recession pre-indicator away, like they did with so many things which worked in the past...
  2. The Dec 2018 low is the line in the stand. It is THE low. That‘s all I need to know. Who cares if we go 200 or 300 points down from here? Fact is, they will not allow market to go to 1500/1600.
  3. That statement and Poopwell presser is maximum dovish. Ass shaver for bears. The bear is dead. Accept it.
  4. Yest and today were supposed to be down (hard), right? Too many if‘s and could, should, would in that whole liquidity stuff. I follow price. That‘s all. I know many very smart people in the bank, they all are fully aware of that macro liquidity thing. It is not the case that we are doing something which know one else on earth does or sees. Many many times in the past 10 or so years have we been caught on the wrong foot. One simply cannot say that liquity analysis is superior. It even doesn‘t give us an edge. Follow the price. That‘s tough enough..
  5. Which leads me to the point again: Only follow price action. That‘s what I do. Price is the final arbiter. That‘s what you too said, decades ago. I stick to that.
  6. C had a 10 to 1 reverse split in 2011. The ultimate low in 2009 before the split was 97 CENTS.
  7. Dec 18 was a nipple bottom, wasn‘t it? Therefore Dec 18 wss A bottom, but maybe not THE bottom 😉
  8. Isnt that all bullish? Looks like the ECB opens the floodgates even wider. Again. Right?
  9. I always knew: Once we become the Travel Channel, the bear is dead. 😂
  10. In theory as markets age they should become more and more efficient due to more and more available information and therefore volatility should go down. Normally all momentum strategies should already be abitraged away, but they aren‘t. Not yet. Bear markets are not the norm. There was only 73/74 cause Dollar/Gold peg didn‘t exist anymore and the USD began to free float AND the oil crisis happened. The oil crisis was a MAJOR economic event and a game chamger. In 2008 the financial system as we know it was at stake. Again a MAJOR event. It took the markets 35 years to experience another major bear market. The 2000-2003 was only due to Nasdaq, which was insanely overvalued, but no banks, no big pharma etc. were threatened to implode in 2000-2003.
  11. You can add that tbe 1987 low was never retested again, not even close. It was something like the first Flash Crash ever. It is the proof that price behaviour in markets is not static but can change and react like never before in recorded history. That‘s why backtestsd trading systems always perform better than after they perform once they did go live. Even those who say they didnt do data mining did so. Not necessarily by will but by natural human behaviour.
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