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  1. Once you buy Apple, Amazon or Google stock you are part of a giant tax evasion scheme and of course you profit from it.
  2. So what was the reason for the swoon in the last hour? The McConnell interview on FOX or margin calls in PM‘s, where then players were forced to sell stock to meet margin requirements?
  3. That's why you have to zoom out. Just stick to that what you said as one of the first back in March: That the probability that we get some kind of inflation above the norm (I want to avoid the term "hyperinflation" here since it is historically overloaded with reminders about German multi 1000% inflation figures in the 1920s) is quite here and that it will show up in stock prices.
  4. SiP, expecting both moves - NDX further up and EUR/USD down somewhat - starting when they come back from The Hamptons.
  5. AUD/USD has also a very nice monthly chart setup. Massive pos divs in MACD, sitting at EMA 50 and downtrendline. AUD should perform very well if Gold advances much more.
  6. Good to get confirmation from your stuff. I share that view. Given that MASSIVE congestion area around 1.25 I am quite sure that EUR/USD will virtually explode to the upside once that level is cleared. That 1.25 is like a watershed.
  7. Really? That‘s awesome Doc! 😎✌🏻 One of my favourite tracks:
  8. Linda Bradford Raschke? 🧐😇😂 Your friend obviously lost her touch, she lost „the flow“, her „trading brain“ so to say is damaged by external interference. To „only“ make predictions is like paper trading. I have much respect for the hard work of some market forcasters, but trading your account, where you not only gave gambling money, but most of your net worth, is the real arbiter. THEN you really get to know what the market is, how he effs everyone, how your freak out cause you can‘t accept certain moves... euphoria, depression, regret, manic depression... all within one single week. That‘s the market. See, the other day I saw an interview with Ray Dalio. It was 8 long. He basically said: Nothing. 8 mins, it was bla bla, fugazi.
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