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  1. Ok, then we gonna get inflation fer sure.
  2. Docovic, that doesn‘t sound too encouraging for the bear case! 😩
  3. Doc, what went wrong? The rumor about another 1.5 TN stimulus package in May? Or why didn‘t we go down later in the day?
  4. This looks too much like conspiracy crap. Only thing I say is that the impact of Corona is maybe not as bad as we all thought, but still it is very bad of course. I think Trump is an asshole, a real one, a big one. But I would not say that he risks the life of maybe 50,000 New Yorkers at will, just to produce panic so that the House and Congress approve any bill so that the FED and Treasury can swamp the market with liquidity so that he will get reelected. That would be too much Hollywood.
  5. Even 1 Million New Yorker‘s could die, we would still go higher. That says it all. Nothing has changed, nothing will change. That v-bottom will even be the MOTHER of all v-bottoms. To make it perfect, they don‘t simply will make a new ATH, no, they gonna bomb it to 5000 and park it right there for the election.
  6. An OCEAN of liquidity and in a few weeks no demand anymore for it in the real economy cause Corona isn't as bad as thought after all and businesses took the chance and got rid of folks they wanted to sack since years... my ass... this is the exact recipe for an absolute TERROR move to new all time highs.
  7. DAX just went above 10k again. DAX has triple res around 10050 in hourly chart, if that is broken on a daily closing basis, DAX is gonna bomb hundreds of points higher.
  8. Think like a criminal: Let's assume the whole Corona thing will not be as bad as it was thought. So some of that stimulus and other measures will not be needed. But they will stay in the system, cause FED and other CB's will not withdraw amounts quick enough. So the whole system would be AWASH in liquidity. We gonna make then a new all time high by October and Trump gets reelected. Sounds like a plan? That was/is the plan! That's why Goldman said GDP will go down by 20% or whatnot, that's why regional FED headfarts said that there could be 50 million jobless. They wanted to created TOTAL PANIC so that congress is under huge pressure and signs EVERYTHING!
  9. Austria will start lifting the ban gradually from Apr 14 on.
  10. ES right now 100 points above fridays close. This thing is just completely exploding to the upside, it doesn‘t stop, my oh my...
  11. Number of new infections drop for the fourth straight day in Germany. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-germany-infections/germany-reports-fourth-straight-drop-in-daily-rate-of-new-coronavirus-infections-idUSKBN21O0BV
  12. I would feel VERY uncomfortable if 2640 gets broken. I have seen it simply too many timesM that if the 38 fibo acted as resistance and price goes then thru after it got rejected a few times first, the 50 fibo will then NOT stop the price advance. Given the magnitude and impact of this crisis, price should definitely under no circumstances go above the 50 fibo, normally it shouldn‘t even reach it. IF price goes above the 50 we are in a complete new ball game.
  13. Since a few days job offers in M&A virtually exploding in Germany.
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