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  1. The money was laying on the street in mid March, after the FED made its announcement. We just had to pick it up, but we didn‘t, although we know „don‘t fight the FED“. That is in some way, well I have to say it: Insane. 😂
  2. Have to say I like Sven Henrich, but someone should tell him, that not every upmove is automatically a bearish wedge. I mean he draws wedges where are none and if that would be the only available drawing tool on his chart service.
  3. No. I think it is a shame that they restarted under these circumstances.
  4. Floor traders bring some sanity back to this market? Rates: Well, they can‘t hike. Impossible. IF they would, the whole thing would implode, it simply would vaporize, poof! Rising rates in that fragile market? My goodness, that would have FAR worse implications than Corona itself. We don‘t have that many ICU beds, sorry.
  5. Of course you are right about the FED. I am 99% sure that there will not be a second lockdown. No where. Not in the US, not in Germany, nowhere. The economic and social consequences are just beyond comprehension. So when bears base their bearish stance on that that a second lockdown will come they are wrong. All the bears can hope for is that more money gets destroyed than is created. What wil the FED do? We will see, they do weird things sometimes. Can‘t be ruled out that they don‘t create enough. But is it likely? Hmm, I‘d rather think they create too much...
  6. That there will be huge asset price inflation, which also means stocks going up relentlessly, is prevailing opinion. It is „obvious“ so to say. When I learned one thing the last 20 years than it is: Think BEYOND the obvious.
  7. Nice vid! You don‘t look like 69 Doc, more like 54 or so! 😎✌🏻 I think it is quite interesting that the Corona figures in Croatia are that low. Could it have something to do with the general health of the populace? I know and knew many Croatians, the vast majority of them is quity sporty, well trained, almost never really fat. It is said Croatians are born with a ball: They are world class in Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball.... also in individual sports like Tennis they have and had world class athletes. I think that is quite remarkable for a country of just 4 and a half million.
  8. What I simply don‘t get: The FED KNOWS that the Treasury bombs the floor, yet they reduce from 6 to 5 billion per day? I mean they try again the game „ok, let‘s see if the market can walk alone now“? We already have seen in recent weeks, that as soon as there is not enough dough the market collapses.
  9. Short 100 lots june expiry strike 2800, signed Forus 😂
  10. The moves in WTI look fishy. SEC gotta look into USO and such.
  11. That‘s a sad story Jimi! I wish your family and youselve the best and good health!
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