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  1. So if the FED just would reduce its balance sheet to let‘s say Q1 2021 levels the result should be devastating. Of course they could just stop reducing for whatever reason.
  2. Great post! They should go to the Caymans and throw them all into prison. Raoul Pal too.
  3. As a Potuguese in Montevideo I would hide mow for a few days
  4. But congrats to Japan. If you win against Germany and Spain you have deserved it. It is Germany‘s own fault. You simply have to win against Japan.
  5. For what do we need a VAR if Hans Moleman is sitting there?
  6. German Foreign Ministry just announced that „if Spain loses to Japan this evening, we will annex Mallorca and Ibiza“.
  7. The death count of communism is just beyond comprehension, yet that bloody ideology never dies and attracts young people generation after generation. Marx and Engels were lousy philosophers, their writings are kindergarten style. Lenin and Stalin were one of the most evil man the world has ever seen. Stalin was an outcome of the communist system, he was not just an „accident“. But thats what the ultra left says till today, that communism just was never done right by the right person. What the mean is:“so let‘s try it sgain!“
  8. Poopwell could have said 1000 things yesterday. He did choose the most dovish one. That is the message. The FED already pissed pants. If that directly leads to new QE from March 23 on or so we will see. There are macro things the FED can‘t control: If de-globalization goes on, which is in itself inflationary, the FED can‘t do much about it. So rates would habe to stay somewhat higher, but rates of 3 or 4% are not that much of a problem for stocks.
  9. The S&P in Euros is exactly 100 points away from its all time high.
  10. THE low is in. The FED had to save both the BoE‘s and SNB‘s ass. That WAS already the stress in the system. If the FED wouldnt have come to rescue the UK pension fund would have gone kaput and if they would have not come to help the SNB Credit Suisse would no longer exist, with massive implications for the global financial system.
  11. Banks are much better capitalized than in 2008. Many many regulartory constraints. No major bank will fail, pretty sure about that. The core of the financial world will be ok, some of the satellites maybe not.
  12. If we close at high of the month it will also mean we will close above the daily EMA200
  13. Saying "I don't want to overtighten" is a marked change in tone from Jackson Hole and other speeches in Sept/Oct. https://www.forexlive.com/centralbank/powell-qa-slowing-down-at-this-point-is-a-good-way-to-balance-risks-20221130/
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