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  1. In Germany it was Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund, name of the left wing students movement of the 1968 generation.
  2. Ah right. maybe the bear began in 2015 and ended at christmas 2018? See, for non-US investors the last few years were not so shiny, look at DAX for example. Also Emerging Markets did not so well. So maybe last few years were just consolidation and now raging bull continues?
  3. No. The worst folks on earth are used-car dealers and the worst of all: Real Estate Agents. They lie 24/7, even while they are asleep.
  4. In the end we will just do what we began with: We will look at price. Only that. Nothing else. Nobody on earth knows what is really going on in China rega ding the impact of their central bank regarding the markets. See, even the FED lies to the public, so how should we trust the figures of a totalitarian communist nazi state??? I say: The figures from China are all made up, more or less. Given that, how can we then figure out which impact the liqui from China has for the worldwide available liquidity pool? Nobody knows, not even the FED or the government, not even the CIA. So: How should WE know? Answer: We do NOT know. There is no holy grail. We thought we found it, vut we have not. In trading you have 2 choices: You are either IN or OUT. Should I buy in march 2003 or not? There is no IF that and that yada dada... In Oct 2017 the closing price of the S&P was 2575. Right now we are at 2775. That means: We were WRONG. Everything else is just a search for excuses. Good thing is: Maybe we will be right 12 months from now. 😂
  5. Dow to GDP ratio at historical extremes: https://www.macrotrends.net/2574/dow-to-gdp-ratio-chart
  6. This whole thing has reached the status of absolute and relentless sickness 🤮
  7. Due to a moonshot at the close. One simply can‘t make up this shit.🙄
  8. Thats the Eurocity I think. Can be quite rotten sometimes. I took that one a few times in the past. if you wanna goby train in Europe you have to take the french TGV lr the german ICE. Both are quite fantastic.
  9. They are called Wieners in Frankfurt. I kid you not.
  10. German DAX really gets it with the shaft boots last 2 days 😳
  11. I don‘t understand. Are there any words you forgot to type or something?

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