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  1. They programmed the bots to buy the 1 min EMA200 hand over fist 😆
  2. There is an epic battle going on, just wow! You can‘t stare at the screen or gonna suffer seasickness even worse than Doc one he saw the iceberg 😁✌🏻
  3. Wow man! That volatility is simply absolutely sick! Reminds me of Sep 2008. SAR. (Question is how far each of the R‘s will go 😁)
  4. At this pace NDX will close above 7k. Just sick. Nov/Dec is simply not the timeframe where we gonna crash. IF then in Q1 2019.
  5. ... Kaboom to the upside! it seems there is always enough dough to prevent the market from crashing down. Looks like an orchestered downmove, just letting the air out of the balloon slowly.
  6. Well, that‘s really quite amazing. Wouldn‘t that mean that once supply goes down somewhat the indeces have the potential to move up quite good if not to say „explode to the northside“?
  7. A catastrophic day for da bears. Even at a FED day price doesn‘t move that erratic than it used to the past few weeks. So it seems liqui is back and that is the catastrophe. Up to the ATH‘s we go.
  8. When was the last time the party of the then reigning president gained seats in Senate in midterms? This was anything else but a landslide victory for the Dumbocrats last night... and now da bear gets his ass shaved, quelle Sir Prize...
  9. The key was the intervention over a week ago during the last trading hour.
  10. We already 2000 Dow points above the low... This is so sick I have no words. If there is no dough how come they can simply prop that thing higher and higher???
  11. We are going all the way up to the ATH‘s again. This is not 1973 Doc. Last hope for bears is FED tomorrow.
  12. Yes I know that this is usually the case, political science calls that „checks and balances“. 😉 would have been a catastrophe for the country and maybe the whole world if the Republicans would have won the House.
  13. Seems like market is quite sure that Republicans win.

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