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  1. Interesting price action today: At 10:36 am there was a roughly 12 point drop in S&P within 90 secs or so without any news at that very moment. That drop was then reversed completely within 20 mins.
  2. What I really thnk is a bit surprising generally: That he attacks the FANG‘s so much, although he most definitely knows that they alone keep the whole market up since years. He has to be carefull that this whole thing doesnt get out of control cause IF the market would start to play the De-Globalization game in EARNEST then we speak about a tripple digit SnP.
  3. Yep that‘s right. Lately he tries to talk the market down: If he would have kept his mouth shut today the SnP would have broken out to the upside. The other day he „went to Twitter“ in the very monent the SnP was in front of makkng a new ATH (when it was at 3030 or whatnot). Seems his tactic is to bring heat on the Fed so that they cut rates further.. Wall Street decides if he survives, not the other way around. 😉 He really said something like:“I order US companies to leave China“ nuts, insane, shout in the own foot... If there is one country that profits from Globalization than it is the USA. The other one is Germany. 😂😂😂
  4. Having knowledge about liqui impact and actually making money with that are two pair of shoes. What we do here at the Stool is nothing else but market timing. Trying to time the market is VERY complicated and there are many out there who even say that it is impossible. I dont share that view entirely, cause even with an ass simple 50/200 MA crossover system you can beat the S&P 500 easily over the long haul, long only approach and when signal gets short you go in short term bonds, your maxDD will also be much better. To say that market timing never works is of course the sayi g of the mutual fund industry and people like Bogle are of course key figures and he was during his lifetime THE key advocate for buy and hold. On the other hand market timers have to admit that there are times, sometimes years or even a whole decade, where they underperform b&h lousily. We are living in such times now. There are many many systems which have performance problems since 2009. I followed all your public stuff at Sure Money since you first said in Oct 2017 that one should get defensive. That was at roughly 2600. Now we are 10% higher. One can say thats not much. Ok. Fact is: Market made a new all time high after that. Then there came the NovDec 18 swoon dive and you were correct but than came the ass shaver move and your butt also got shaved. Right now it was not correct to go gradually cmpletely out of stocks beginning in Oct 17. it maybe would have been ok not to buy new stocks, but that was not your recomendation. The reco was to go out of stocks. Regarding German banks: Biggest prob of Deutsche was that they wanted to become global player and be successfull at Wall Street. See it is a German bank. A German bank will never rule Wall Street. The Street is ruled by Goldman. American banks rule there not German ones. But hey, at least we can built cars 😁✌🏻
  5. I love and admire your passion regarding market analysis Doc, but I think - although I know you are kidding - that this would be a smart move.
  6. „Punish Gold“-move now. For whatever. Given the circumstances an absolutly idiotic move to sell Gold before we go into weekend. Yet another sign that the overall market is under full control of a force no one can get a grip on. Sooner or later the market gets EVERYONE. See, the LTCM guys were no idiots. Who are we to believe that we found the holy grail with some rule of thumb liqui analysis? My bank is one of the biggest bond issuers in the world. We have hundreds of people in risk controlling alone. Those guys are fully aware of liqui stuff and its impact on the markets, CB policy and such. We here at the Stool have absolutely NO EDGE in anything we do.
  7. Given the news, which are badass bad bad, market is much too stable. They have it under control. Next Saturn V move comming once consilidation is over.
  8. Lets face it: In ordinary times that attack today at the oil tankers would have been good for a 1,000 point drop in the Dow. This market is unstoppable. And if the debt ceiling is a problem it simply will be lifted. World wide ZIRP is a HUGE HUGE force.
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