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  1. Brutal, absolutely brutal. All my currency shorts underwater. 😭
  2. I'm glad to hear that fx. I'm black and my uncle served in the army for more than 20 years. He was in Germany for a few years and was there when the Berlin Wall came down, even brought back a few chunks from the wall. I thought that was cool. All my friends that served in the military spent time in Germany and always had great things to say about their time there. I want to visit Germany some day.
  3. The criminality is just in your face now. No hiding it this day and age. It's sad.
  4. And it's gone . . . it's all gone. A running joke at my workplace whenever anything goes missing lol.
  5. I called the selloff the other day with my bullish move to 3000 and change. Congrats to all brave enough to short. I suck at trading lol.
  6. Oh and I forgot, "green shoots", "this is a just a soft patch", and are all that jazz.
  7. Welp what do I know? Lol, the fraudexes are nothing but a joke. S and P - 3000 and change here we come! Sigh.
  8. The daily chart looks toppy as all go get. [IMG=https://pepperstone.ctrader.com/c/mwvDn]
  9. I see it too. Feels like a bull suck in. Come back in boys and girls, the water is C-O-O-L. Nah, I'm good. Gonna be interesting to see what that daily candle looks like tomorrow.
  10. I think Hank was actually Mr. Hanky, I just liked calling him Hank for short. I knew LeeWhee passed but didn't know Shorty and Beardrech passed. Sorry to hear that.
  11. Where's Shorty?! 😀 Miss those guys: Beardrech, Shorty, Drano, Madness , Hank, LeeWhee
  12. Those 1000 to 2000 point down moves on the Dow are more fun.
  13. Get well Doc. And stay safe over there.
  14. Yeah like every other blog post "Jewish this, Jewish that". I didn't know he was like that. Really really sad.
  15. Yeah I see he still has his Winter Watch site going. Man, he's gone straight conspiracy theorist now. Sad.
  16. I thought that was pretty good too lol. I miss Radio Free Wall Street. You talk to Russ Doc? How's he doing?
  17. So much for the turd closing green today. Lol. You could just see the Dow gains weakening hour by hour. Die pig die.
  18. We've had a our first 2 deaths here in Saskatchewan. 30 new cases on Saturday and 22 cases reported on Sunday, bringing our total to 176. The amount of delusion here in Canada and the US is mind boggling. Things aren't going back to normal no time soon.
  19. We have 9 new cases of Covid-19 up here in Saskatchewan Canada to bring our total to 104 cases. Sounds like the majority of cases are travel related. Our population is like 1.1 million or so. I know a lot of you stoolies aren't religious (I've never liked that word) and that's okay, but I am, and I'm praying for us all. I'm hoping some good is going to come out of all this.
  20. Man, all that money and they couldn't close it up to end the week? Lol.
  21. This place brings back memories. Imperial troops entering the base, mickey slipping on soap . . . Ahh. The good old days. Does Fast Money still come on? I cancelled my cable a few years ago, so no CNBS I mean CNBC for me lol.
  22. I miss you guys and gals! Doc, you should setup a traders discord channel.
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