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  1. The criminality is just in your face now. No hiding it this day and age. It's sad.
  2. And it's gone . . . it's all gone. A running joke at my workplace whenever anything goes missing lol.
  3. I called the selloff the other day with my bullish move to 3000 and change. Congrats to all brave enough to short. I suck at trading lol.
  4. Oh and I forgot, "green shoots", "this is a just a soft patch", and are all that jazz.
  5. Welp what do I know? Lol, the fraudexes are nothing but a joke. S and P - 3000 and change here we come! Sigh.
  6. The daily chart looks toppy as all go get. [IMG=https://pepperstone.ctrader.com/c/mwvDn]
  7. I see it too. Feels like a bull suck in. Come back in boys and girls, the water is C-O-O-L. Nah, I'm good. Gonna be interesting to see what that daily candle looks like tomorrow.
  8. I think Hank was actually Mr. Hanky, I just liked calling him Hank for short. I knew LeeWhee passed but didn't know Shorty and Beardrech passed. Sorry to hear that.
  9. Where's Shorty?! 😀 Miss those guys: Beardrech, Shorty, Drano, Madness , Hank, LeeWhee
  10. Those 1000 to 2000 point down moves on the Dow are more fun.
  11. These guys/gals are nuts aren't they?
  12. Get well Doc. And stay safe over there.
  13. Yeah like every other blog post "Jewish this, Jewish that". I didn't know he was like that. Really really sad.
  14. Yeah I see he still has his Winter Watch site going. Man, he's gone straight conspiracy theorist now. Sad.
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